Canvas Photo Prints

How to Master the Art of Canvas Photography We all have a photographer inside all of you as well, but what does photography really mean? Clicking away at random pictures? Or mastering an art? Finding the Perfect Tool Experts and professional at photography use heavy lenses, and cameras which provide many features, but for a… Continue Reading

Characteristics of Pop Art

You have probably heard the term “pop art” a time or two. Maybe a friend of yours collects pop art, or you heard the topic come up at a dinner party. While you have probably heard the phrase, there is a good chance you don’t understand what makes art ‘pop’. Once you know the characteristics,… Continue Reading

Wall Art Online

An Ideal Gift for Every Occasion Wall Art Online Beautiful pictures perfectly embedded onto a canvas can entirely change the appearance of a place. Besides being an ideal beautification article for your home, canvas prints can also make a wonderful gift. People of all ages love to receive gifts, but choosing the right gift for… Continue Reading

Great Photographic Locations in Australia

Australia is notably a great place when it comes to taking photographs. This is thanks to many fascinating scenes which provides a superb background for memorable photographs. Such scenes stretch from the sandy beaches, rocks, cliffs, the architecture, wildlife and even the people there. Among most notable locations are the likes of Whitsunday Beaches, Sydney… Continue Reading

Who was Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol was born as Andrew Warhola. He was born on the 6th of August in 1928 and lived till the 22nd of February in 1987. He was basically a painter who was based in America. He was also involved in other activities like printmaking and film making. Something that was unique about him was… Continue Reading

More on Pop Art

The term ‘Pop Art’ refers to a stylistic development in the Western art which occurred roughly between 1956 and 1966 in Great Britain and the United States. There were related developments in Europe during the same period. Pop Art has three major distinguishing characteristics. Firstly, it is both figurative and realist, something that avant-garde had… Continue Reading

Canvas Prints Brisbane

A canvas print is created by printing an image onto a canvas and then gallery wrapping the image and putting it up for display. Printing of reproduction of original artwork on canvas has been a popular practice since many decades. The printing method applied for creating such canvas art is offset printing. Since the 1990s,… Continue Reading

Our Vintage Movie Posters Collection

The popularity of Vintage movie posters . This explains why these old movie posters are used by many families as wall art. Besides, just like every other artwork, you can use them to improve your home décor. The rarity of vintage movie posters gives them an edge over other artworks that can be used as… Continue Reading

Beautiful Hidden Micro World unveiled By Japanese Photographer Miki Asai

Japanese photographer Miki Asai is an incredibly talented macro photographer who accompanies ants as they explore a miniature world of stones, flowers and water – mostly within her own garden. It all began when she got her macro lens and started taking photos in her garden. “As I was looking through the viewfinder, I noticed… Continue Reading

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