Large Canvas Prints

Large Canvas Prints

We are frequently asked by our customers whether we can offer custom sizes, for example large canvas prints, the answer to this is always yes, we have on our site an excel spread sheet showing our sizes going up in increments of a few inches at a time all the way up to 162cm in width.

We use market leading Epson, wide format art printers with a maximum size of 66 inches, this allows us to print very large canvas prints with a maximum width of 64 inches of print surface we can then offer a length of as long as a canvas roll! This makes a very large piece of artwork!

Most of our artworks on our site have 4 standard sizes, Small, medium, Large and Extra Large however if you are looking for odd sizes either smaller, larger or in between these sizes we will almost certainly be able to accomodate these requirements. In some case we are slightly restricted my the image resolution but most of our art is of such a high resolution that the artworks can print up to a very big size. Feel fre to contact s eother on our contact us form, by telephone 1300 632 332 or by email at

So if you are looking for extra small or large canvas prints we should be your first port of call. We are based in Noosa, Queensland, Australia but deliver fast anywhere in Australia for free and across the globe for very competitive prices with the UK and USA also being free delivery.

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