Everything you need to know about Soundwave Art

We have made Soundwave Art into a bit of a speciality of ours! We are steadily recreating a massive collection of soundwave artworks for some of the best and greatest songs of all time by the biggest bands both new and old.

You can view our ever-expanding collection of Soundwave / Waveform artworks here.

We have a variety of styles available for hundreds of songs already but we now specialise in these four stunning styles! Believe me, it was difficult to narrow it down to just four but we have decided to specialise in these as no one else is doing them like we are. Unlike other people out there we create extremely detailed soundwave artworks using the full format song as opposed to the compressed YouTube version. For every song, we create a Soundwave artwork for, we buy the original song and create the artwork using this original file.

The Linear Soundwave, traditional style you may have seen elsewhere BUT with extra fine detail, the Radial Waveform style, the Twisted Sonics and lastly the Circular Phonics design! You can see examples of all of these four styles for many of our artworks such as this one here. This art also shows all the colour options we now offer which can also be seen here.

Soundwave Art Colour Options Chart

Turn your voice or sound into art with the Blue Horizon Prints Soundwave Art design service, we make Sound Wave Art & Voice Prints transforming them into amazing personalised gifts.

What is Soundwave Art?

We are often asked what exactly what is a soundwave artwork and how was it made? So we created a page specifically for this popular artwork style we offer, to shed some light on this.

From Wikipedia, “In physics, the sound is a vibration that propagates as a typically audible mechanical wave of pressure and displacement, through a medium such as air or water.”

View the full Soundwave Art Collection here.

When we digitize or record sound, the peaks and troughs of each soundwave are translated by the software into numbers.  The louder the sound, or the more amplitude it has, the higher the numbers.  We can then take these numbers, and graph them over time to create a soundwave design.

Soundwave Wall Art Australia

Did you know that a human voice is a set of measurable characteristics that uniquely identify an individual? When we turn your voice into a visual artwork, it becomes a unique piece of artwork almost like a fingerprint. This in mind our soundwave art not only looks great but also is an amazing personalised gift idea.

We use a special, proprietary process that we designed that takes this sound wave data and creates a multi-coloured representation of your sound like the example below.

Buy sound wave art Brisbane

This is the linear style we have more than 21 different designs to choose from all displaying the sound waves but in different formats.

View the full Soundwave Art Collection here.

How do I create a sound recording file if I want to use my own words/song/quote/ sound?

The easiest way to record your message is to use your phone’s Voice Memo or Voice Recorder app. You can then email us the file directly from your phone. You can also use your phone or camera’s video feature to record (while pointing the camera anywhere) and send us that file.

How do I record my baby’s heartbeat?

The easiest way to obtain a recording of your baby’s heartbeat is to use your phone’s Voice Memo or Voice Recorder app at your next doctor’s visit, its best to record 5-15 seconds of the heartbeat sound.

How do I send the soundwave file?

You may upload the recording when placing your order when prompted or you may email it here after you place your order, simply include your order number in the subject line.

Is there a limit for the length of the voice recording? 

There is no specific limit, but for the best results, we recommend 1-3 phrases or up to 15 seconds. The shorter the recording, the more detail you will get in the sound wave. But if you’d like to capture something longer, it is definitely doable and many customers do choose to use longer clips.

Can you fit an entire song on a smaller size print?

Yep, we sure can, we can fit any length on any size. What will be affected is the compression of the sound waves. The longer the song, the less detail will be displayed.

How do I send my song?

You do not need to send us an MP3 file of the song, all we need is the name of this song and singer artist and we can find it ourselves or even better, the link to the song on YouTube. If the song is not available online, please email it the MP3 file to us after you’ve placed your order, use your order number as a reference.

What types of files are acceptable?

We can use any audio or video file. If you’re sending a song, just tell us the name of it and we’ll source it.