Our laminates are carefully selected to maximise protection and keep colours rich while minimising any unwanted glossy sheen that are the results of cheaper laminate. Many canvas printers will skip this step to avoid paying for quality laminates and cut drying time. We have so much faith in the necessity to have good laminate that we include it free within the price of a standard canvas print.


An un-laminated canvas print is like a fence without sealant. Not only does it look unfinished but also it will only last a fraction of the time, time very quickly impacts the quality of your artwork,  the colours begin to lose their vibrancy as the UV rays bombard the artwork.

The laminate is a liquid coating that is sprayed onto the face of the printed canvas providing a waterproof sealant that will protect your canvas from a wide range of harmful things such as liquids, dust, UV rays and dirt. It can’t be seen but it is fighting every day to keep your canvas looking its best for many many years.

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