Choose Your Wrap Bleed

The wrap / bleed or edge (it’s all the same thing) is the part of the image that wraps around the edge of a canvas art print.  This wrap thickness is approximately 35mm.

We offer a variety of wrap options these are shown on the image below for you to clearly see however we’ve also included a detailed description of each of them;

Choose Your Wrap

Blur Wrap             The edge of the image closest to the ‘wrap/bleed’ is copied onto the sides then blurred, this can be very effective with the right image.


Colour Grab         We use a predominant colour from the image for the wrap, for example in the image above, we used a sample of the blue skye. This option usually looks better than plain white or black.


Mirror Wrap        Ideally for most landscape photos, the last 3.5cm of the image are mirrored onto the sides, this cannot be used where there are people or a lot of detail at the edges of the image.


Black Wrap         It speaks for itself….. we use a plain black wrap for your canvas print


White Wrap        It speaks for itself…..we use a plain white wrap for your canvas print


Gallery Wrap     The classic gallery wrap where the photo is wrapped over the whole canvas meaning that some of the image detail wil be on the sides, this style can have limitations as often important parts of the image are on the sides.


Let us Choose   Leave it to the experts to decide. This is our recommended option, we create quality canvas art all day everyday and will always try to make each canvas print look as good as it possibly can look.  Wherever possible we will use photoshop to ensure the image is wrapped around the edges without losing any detail. This is a 100% free service. We want all our customers to be happy with their canvas art and keep coming back!