Canvas Stretching

Canvas wall art is one of the fastest growing and more popular mediums for redecorating your home and office. It’s easy, quick and affordable. Canvas art prints are inexpensive, retain the vibrant colours and the look and feel of the original art pieces, and can be customised with many effects to give your purchases a uniqueness that fit perfectly with your personal taste and style.

Canvas StretchingMany places online will advertise at-home kits that anyone can use at home, but these can be very expensive as you usually need to buy excess materials to customise for different sizes and always run the risk of not quite getting the quality stretched canvas you’re looking for. That’s why Blue Horizon Prints is your best bet when it comes to creating and purchasing quality canvas prints to adorn any space. And for those who want to know how it’s all done, here’s your chance to learn more about the process of canvas stretching.

Our canvas stretching process is completely done by hand by Blue Horizon Prints team of skilled professionals who ensure the quality your purchase at every stage of its creation. If you have any experience working with or owning wood frames, you know that wood could be damaged with water and can become warped over time. We use only high quality kiln dried pine wood stretcher bars which are protected from warping, resulting in an even frame that looks great on your wall for years to come.

Also we use 3.2 cm thick stretcher bars, which we’ve found to be ideal for canvas printing, with beveled edges to prevent cracking and beveled contoured edges to prevent what is known as “ghosting” where an impression appears visible on the canvas where the cotton fabric touches the frame.

Additionally, we go the extra mile and tape the edge of the canvas to the frame to protect against dust and insert stainless steel hanging wire and eyelets to make your print ready to hang as soon as you open the box.

Our stretching process is done for a tremendously low cost, done by professionals, and because we stock stretcher bars in a wide range of sizes to meet your specific needs and fit several wrap styles, we’ve reduced our costs and have past the savings on to you. All of this work can only be done if canvases are framed by hand, which is an expertise Blue Horizon Prints has taken the time to perfect and takes a great deal of pride in.