Lisa Frances Judd Art Prints

Lisa Frances Judd is an experienced artist from Australia whose gorgeous vibrantly colourful artworks have been featured in solo and group shows internationally. Creating since she was a child, she developed her bold painting practice through floral and landscape works in vibrant colour palettes. Her work is full of surprising geometric patterns and evokes positivity and light through a fun and whimsical approach.


I paint (and sculpt) a variety of subject matter; mostly Nature Art. My style is uniquely my own – abstract/semi-abstract, fun and playful. I love vibrant colours and textures and impasto.

When I paint I am painting joy on canvas. My aim is to transfer that personal joy I feel to you the viewer. My paintings are about uplifting your spirit above the mundane of everyday life.
My current focus is on my Big Bold Bloom Series, my Wild Flower Series and my Mountain Series.

Biography: I live and work from my home Art Studio in Wimalee NSW, Australia. From the moment I could hold a crayon I have been drawing and painting. I am completely self-taught and have developed my own distinctive style over many years based on my passion for nature, colour, pattern, texture and my own vivid imagination.

My full-time art career started later in life after many decades working in the corporate world. Unexpected back surgery in 2009 forced me to stop work for an extended period. While recovering, I was utterly bored and started to draw and paint again. My passion for art re-ignited and again became an essential part of my life.

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