Linda Callaghan Painting Prints

Linda Callaghan is a professional award winning artist born in Cardiff, South Wales and immigrated to Australia in 1978. Based in the Blue Mountains, NSW Linda works from her home Gallery and Studio and has the ability to create a diverse range of works in various mediums and unique styles. Linda is known for her bright, positive works of art that are painted in watercolour and inks, acrylic and mixed media. Always focusing on the finer details that we sometimes miss in the rush of life, her art is described as uplifting and totally in tune with nature. Linda has held many successful solo shows, gained awards, is a self-publisher, featured in numerous publications and enjoys regular sales from her Gallery, online and at a wide range of art exhibitions. Linda’s art is shown and licensed in Australia and America and she is a long time member of the Blue Mountains Creative Arts Network. Her paintings, including commissions, are held in private and commercial collections nationally and internationally.

Artist Statement:
My love of art has been with me since a young age but surfaced in 2008 when I began experimenting with watercolours and soon became a channel for expressing my emotions, mostly leaning towards light in the darkness from my own life experiences and special moments in time. I paint from the heart allowing my creative spirit to run free mixing mediums seamlessly. Taking inspiration from my surroundings, I paint a range of subjects including, landscapes, animals and all things nature. Bringing my work to life with energy and vibrant colour, I add a touch of fantasy and occasionally surrealism creating soulful art with meaning. Art brings me joy and happiness and it is very rewarding when people feel the same. My portfolio is ever expanding and will continue to grow as I share my creations to take people away from the worries of life.

Client Testimonial: Very impressed with the beautiful quality and variety of art, also the positive expression that encourages and gives to others. Liz and Colin, Blaxland.

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