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Katsushika Hokusai was a Japanese artist, ukiyo-e painter and printmaker of the Edo period. He was influenced by Sesshū Tōyō and other styles of Chinese painting. We have a great collection of his more famous artwork on sale plus more in our catalogue.

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Being linked directly with the political and social environment of Japan, the artistic style of Ukiyo-e, generated in the 17th century, represented one of the most progressive portions of Japanese art. This stylistic subdivision, enclosing two centennials, within which artists used to make more prints rather than paintings, was mainly nurtured by the nationwide popularity of woodblock-covered books, requiring special decoration in Japan of the time.

Katsushika Hokusai with his several decade-spanning careers personified an archetype of the Floating World (Ukiyo-e). Being raised in the family of a mirror-maker and having experienced glass technique-related as well as printing particularities himself, Hokusai, perhaps, was the one among other artists who found the closest affiliation with woodblock print craftsmanship that enabled him to give a deeper historical weight to the artistic trend. Likewise the majority of the Floating World representatives, at the beginning of his artistic activity, Hokusai, was mainly attracted by the depiction of long-established subject matter – play-actors of Japanese theatre, however, later he shifted from this genre to landscape representation that introduced another significant break with the tradition of the Far East. Hokusai gained esteem as an initiator and charismatic member of Ukiyo-e that was equally exposed to view through his personal life. The Japanese master, prior to choosing his widely acclaimed name, had altered the latter many times, although Hokusai appeared to have won him universal fame.

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Having created over 30,000 prints throughout his career, Hokusai’s activity reached its pinnacle in the pieces reflecting Mount Fuji that along with representing the national pride, was connected to some mysticism at the same time. The complete work, assembling 46 views of the landmark, embodies the Artist’s particular adroitness and an exclusive approach, disclosed by his various endeavours to catch the mountain’s different views. For this very attitude and for a particular print among the ensemble, The Great Wave at Kanagawa, Hokusai’s work appeared to deserve special attention, being even deemed one of the most ardent inspirations for the Western world, most notably for impressionists. The artists surrounding Eduard Manet, fascinated by the prints, began to accumulate them. They found here the tradition unspoiled by academic rules and clichés, enabling Japanese experts to enjoy all the happenings to the full extent.

Hokusai’s fondness for calming chromatic resolution, varied by predominantly used Persian blue, green, brownish and white pigments consolidating in the snow-covered peak of the glacier and precipitating a kind of mesmerizing effect on a viewer, alongside pretty minimalist yet detailed compositions, encountered several modifications in the Artist’s later works, that besides different thematic selection, showcase Hokusai’s increased interest towards polychromatic decision and Western-influenced perspective.

Katsushika Hokusai’s long and diversified artistic activity, encompassing the Artist’s self-likeness at that, really did lay the groundwork for the coming of the new age both in Asian and Western worlds, having inspired many individuals as well as the entire movements.

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