Welcome to our new sister site Wow Letter Art

So what is Letter Art? Letter Art is an up and coming trend in home décor and interior design. One takes visually impacting  photos images of common everyday objects that go about unnoticed in common everyday scenarios in our lives The pictures are often of  a and architecture and nature. When utilized correctly,  they come together to form letters and these letters form words. Wow Letter Art was the first company in Australia to offer these premium quality, highly personalized art prints.

We offer a large variety of products in order to ensure  that we will always have what you are looking for. Our primary product is the framed letter art, premium quality inks, archival art paper and a nice frame to help these word art masterpieces to not only look great, but to provide durability and keep it the same way as new, 20 years later. We also offer name art / letter art canvas prints.  These were created using the same photos but printed on 100% cotton canvas and mounted over a thick kiln dried timber frame.

So what makes Wow Letter Art so different from competitors? We offer 2 amazing alphabet galleries Nature and Rustic, and are planning to get even more . These stunning photographs are taken from nature and urban settings across Australia, Europe & America. All  of our images are available in 3 different tones (color, black & white, and sepia).

Creating a frame is simple.  All you have to do is visit the ” crate your frame” section of our website. There, you will create your own personalized letter art using the unique alphabet photography ordering system. Simply type in your word in the box , select your options, finalize the payment and you’ll receive your letter art by courier in a 7-10 days. Frames are premium quality and the letters are printed on archival grade photo lustre paper, the inks are designed to be fade resistant meaning that your letter art will stay looking stunning for many years to com With that being said, Online orders can be made in just 5 minutes using our fun & simple to use, advanced online ordering system

Letter Art makes the perfect gift for all occasions such as:

Housewarming gift ideas
Decor: Home, Retail, Apartment, Club, Office Signage, Restaurant and so much more!

So if you are looking to get high quality letter art, that is sure to become visually appealing in the room in which you place it in, or simply as a gift for a friend that loves art. You are receiving , only the best, high quality, premium letter art in all of Australia. We have something for everyone. It’s a gift that people will love and one that will last forever. www.WowLetterArt.com.au.