What exactly is digital art?

What exactly is Digital Art?

Since times immemorial, art has been considered as something produced physically by the artist, be it a drawing, painting or sculpture. However, with change in technology, art has also undergone a sea change and has now expanded much farther than just drawings and paintings to include various other forms of creative production such as computer generated designs.

Digital art, also sometimes known as computer art or multimedia art, is defined as an artistic conception created using digital technology.

Good quality art is not merely about the tools used for its creation; rather it is about the vision and creativity of the artist. Art is a medium through which an artist displays his emotions. Thus, digital art is just like any other art, the only difference being that it is produced using contemporary tools. In the case of digital art, a computer is the medium through which an artist puts forth his idea of colours, lines and composition.

Various Forms of Digital Art

Digital art basically falls into three different categories, i.e digital photography, digital painting and algorithmic art. There are a few sub-categories as well and the artist enjoys the freedom to merge any of the popular techniques to create his own vision.

  1. Digital Photography: One of the most popular forms of digital art, it involves the artist taking pictures through a digital camera and then transferring it onto a computers hard-disk. The pictures are then edited using a photo editing software to add special effects.
  2. Digital Painting: Just as in traditional painting, digital painting also makes use of watercolour, impasto etc. with the major difference being that these are applied with the help of computer software.

3-dimensional digital painting is a technique in which the artist uses modeling software to create beautiful sculptures in a virtual environment.

  1. Digital Collage: Collage is a blend of a number of images, arranged in a pleasing and meaningful manner. A collage can be created using the layering feature in an image editing software. A collage can sometimes contain x-rays or other such images, which are not otherwise visible to the human eye.
  2. Integrated Art: Integrated digital art is created by combining various digital art techniques to attain the desired results. There are umpteen possibilities in this type of art and the results depend on the vision and creativity of the artist.
  3. Photopainting: As the name suggests, this form combines the art of photography and painting to achieve the desired results. Both image editing and painting software are used in this method.

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