What are the best resources to learn advanced photography?

If getting out and doing is a viable and desirable option for you, then check in your area first.  College courses and local community classes are great choices as they are usually low cost and you can meet others in your area.  It’s a good way to trade tips in person and get hands on experience with a teacher who can physically help you and talk you through in advancing the areas  you want to improve on.  Another option is this same vein is finding  your  local chapter of  the American Society of Media Photographers  (aspm.com).  This organization  ASPM offers a myriad of  opportunities  such as a video library, local meetings, seminars  and an online community.

Time, availability and desire may drive you elsewhere, such as online and through publications. There are popular sites all over the web from which to choose.  Since there are so many of course that finding the right one can be daunting so narrowing it down I found these to be amongst the best:

Photo.tutsplus.com is a site that offers all different kinds of advice and lessons on photography on a number of topics.  They offer pre and post production advice from experienced lens men from all over the world including critiques of submitted photographs.  Some topics on their site range from working with Adobe to manipulate raw data in your photos, how-tos on building a low budget darkroom and knowing how to set up lightstands.  I found also a lot of useful information from the great range of articles from professionals on a number of topics.

Another excellent web based resource is http .all-things-photography.com/advanced-photography-tips.  This site has answers for every question imaginable for the up and coming photographer, along with facebook members offering up their opinions on the various topics discussed.

There are those of course that want the actual printed page before them and of course there are a number of good publications available.  Monthly choices such as Advanced Photographer from the UK and other familiar ones such as Modern Photography, Best Photography, Professional Photography Magazines which are excellent resources for the latest and greatest technology available.

Lest we not forget the oldest institution –the printed book.  There is no one defining book on advanced photography is as individual as the photographer themselves.   The best list of books I could find were not surprisingly and best organized on an Amazon List by Nathan Proctor.  The author compiled the crème of the crop as reviewed by other photographers.  It’s a great bet.

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