Wall Art Products & Services Questions & Answers Blog 1

Wall Art Products & Services Questions & Answers Blog 1

We are so often asked the same questions in regards to products and services that we thought it might be useful for us to collate a blog article with a load of questions and answers, naturally we aren’t expecting you to you to read through all of these, but hopefully you might stumble upon this blog article when searching in google.

Our intention is to steadily update this article with increasing amounts of questions we are asked, relating to our art products, wall art, framed prints, canvas prints, framing service, wholesale supply, custom art creation service and much much more.

please feel free to browse through this blog to look for the answers to any questions you might have relating to our products and services.

Panoramic Wall Art Print On Canvas Melbourne Australia

Q. I would like to send a photo of the custom artwork I would like can I have an email address to send it for a price

A. Thanks for your enquiry, please send the example you’d like to us at info@bluehorizonprints.com.au

Q. I am looking at your stretched canvas push pin world map. Could you please advise if it is padded etc to hold the pins?

A. The art isn’t padded however we use a thick, 100% cotton canvas that has been tried and tested and holds the pins well, once you stick them in, they will stay.

Q. I’m looking for a 3 set poster/print of Leonid Afremov’s work, preferably Colourful Night. Are you able to supply this? Also, can I customise the size?

A. Yes, we can, we are the representative for Leonid Afremov in the region and have prints of most of his artworks, we can also provide split canvas sets of his artworks, we would email you a proof for your approval. I’m just confirming that you mean a triptych 3 panel like this one, https://www.bluehorizonprints.com.au/canvas-art/triptych-wall-art/sun-of-january-triptych-2/?

The link above is to another Afremov Triptych so you can see the sizes and prices we offer as standard, we can offer custom sizes too, you can see Stretched Canvas, Framed Print, Paper Print or Rolled Canvas (Canvas without a frame).

Q.What’s the difference between stretched & rolled canvas

A Stretched canvas print means that the printed art is stretched over a kiln-dried timber frame and delivered ready to hang on the wall, the rolled canvas is just printed artwork delivered rolled up in a tube and is ideal for travelling with it, stretching it yourself or sending overseas.

Q. Is the back of the image framed to canvas?

A. Yes the Canvas prints are stretched over a kiln-dried timber frame, delivered ready to hang on the wall.

Q. I’d like to order a p[hoto canvas word art with [hotos of my family, how many photos. an I use?

A.Great thanks Jeff, the 18 x 12″ would be $138 including design and delivery, it would take a maximum of 50 photos, in order to get started we just need to process a design deposit,

Q. Can I order a Leonid Afremov print as a split canvas, into 3 parts?

A.Yes you can, any art you see on the website can be ordered as a split canvas, we can create custom sizes or any of the split canvas designs seen on the website such as these, https://www.bluehorizonprints.com.au/canvas-art/triptych-wall-art/

Q.Just wondering with the Triptych sizes is it the size for each canvas. So each Small canvas is 12” x 18”? Meaning a total size of 36” x 54”? Thanks

A. Yes this is correct, the Triptych Canvas print set is, for example, 3 x 12 x 18” Canvas Prints with a total size (plus gaps between the canvases) of 36” X 54”

Q. Can you source more art for specific themes? We’d like some Tropical island / Ocean Boardwalk photo canvas prints.

A. Yes, we work with a few online image sites and have access to an extensive image library.

Q.I’m planning to create as a gift 2 tram scrolls and have some questions about.

  1. If I go for a large unstretched one but have on one 22 and for the other 18 lines to fill, will it look very squeezed at the end or can you still arrange it nicely by choosing various letter height?
  2. Some of the cities, street names are German, French or English, does this impact the design process or it is not important at all?
  3. How much time does the printing require including the delivery within Australia?

A. We recommend for the Tram scrolls an ideal amount of lines of 12-15 but they can accommodate up to 22. We can use any language including symbols.

The normal turnaround around is 24 hours for a proof, then allow 3-4 business days for delivery to Sydney

Q.I’m interested in the Yellow sunset Surf Wall Art Print (large size), but would like a floating frame. When do you think that style of the frame might be available?

A. We actually now have Floating Frames available for all products and are steadily adding them, in the meantime prices for Floating Frames can be seen here

  1. Do black frames and white frames come in matte or gloss options?

2. Do the frames come in different widths?

3. Do the frames come in different profiles?

4. Do the mats come in different widths?

A. We mostly use satin/matte finish on the mouldings.
The Standard profile as seen on the website.
No, we keep it to one size now
If you want to choose some other moulding you will have to come into the studio to select out of the mouldings book, we will have to buy in full lengths so it will be expensive as we will not use the offcuts especially if shorter lengths.

You can read more about our Framed Prints here.

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