Vintage Travel or advertising posters

There’s no need to spend a fortune on travel when you can see the colourful sensations and joys of the world from the comfort of your own home or office. Blue Horizon Prints offers some of the more popular and visually appealing vintage artwork you will find anywhere online. Whether you prefer our vintage travel posters or our vintage advertising posters you’re sure to find the perfect piece to brighten any room and look great in any space. And since all of our prints are made using the highest quality inks and printed on 100% cotton canvas, you’re sure to own long lasting vintage prints to rival their original productions.

Check out our huge collection of vintage advertising posters to find such décor classics and mainstays as Chat Noir, Maurin Quina or Cinzano Polo. But our collection doesn’t end there! Browse our gallery and you’ll find vintage magazine covers from Vogue to Harpers Bizar, pin up girls and even classic American advertising icons like Uncle Sam and Rosie the Riveter. You’re sure to find something for everyone—young and old.

Our vintage travel posters collection is just as wide and eclectic as their advertising counterparts. Over half a century ago, as travel became far more affordable for the common person, travel agencies spent thousands to design the most appealing cityscapes and sceneries from around the world. For many travel posters, were as collectable as passport stamps. That’s why you still see these images repeated and commemorated in books and stamps among other things. For you, living in today’s world, perhaps you want to commemorate a special trip with the family or a honeymoon.

Vintage artwork has the ability to connect with both nostalgic and modern audiences. While for many they’re reminders of a much simpler time and reflective of a golden age of advertising (both travel and for products), they also touch on younger generations with their vibrant and sometimes striking colours and unfamiliar imagery. There’s truly something for everyone, so there’s no need to search further. Blue Horizon has the finest vintage prints out there and the quality is beyond compare. Our canvas prints are guaranteed to look vibrant for decades to come. Talk to one of our sales representatives to find out all of the wonderful ways you can customise your vintage artwork to your liking and specifications. Own a piece of advertising history today.