Top 5 museums to view contemporary art

Contemporary art is, and always will be, loved by many people. This art is widespread, and its canopy surrounds the world. Everywhere you look, you can find an example or two of Contemporary art. Presently, art tourism is thriving due to the abundance of different forms of artwork and museums where they are kept. Exhibitions are held throughout the world to appreciate contemporary art and its predecessors. In this article, we listed the top five Museums that have taken Contemporary art to a new level.

Centre Georges Pompidou.  Located in Paris, this is an atypical museum. The architecture is very different and the building is comprised of steel and concrete.  Several exhibitions are held throughout the year here, and it is a blossoming tourist destination in France. Modern art lovers will find plenty of inspiration here, and it is a popular meeting place for aspiring painters. This museum is extravagant from outside, but is equally wonderful inside displaying fantastic works of art, pictures, photographs, and many other artistic structures. When in Paris it is a must to visit this museum.

Stedelijk Museum. This museum is in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The Stedelijk Museum actually means Museum of the city of Amsterdam. This museum has several thousands of artifacts, and someone who wants to study art, and distinguish between various forms of art, can surely do so by viewing the endless amounts art here.  The Stedelijik Museum has an array of art forms from different periods of history. It was established in 1895, and has abstract expressionism, pop art, modern art, impressionism and other art forms in abundance.

Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum. Located in the US, is the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum. One outstanding feature of this museum is its commitment towards Modern Art. Its programs include lessons, suitable for people in every age group, who adore Modern art and want to use it as a means to express their flair. Art analysis is also a distinctive feature of this museum. The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum is situated in Ridgefield, Connecticut.

Tate Modern. Situated on the banks of the river Thames, London, this museum is an epitome of Modern art in the United Kingdom. The various levels Tate Modern has to offer in Contemporary art is commendable. Abstract Expressionism, Pop art, Cubism and other branches of Modern art are exemplified at Tate modern.
Museum of Modern Art. Also known as MoMa, this museum is situated in New York. It is acknowledged to be the most prominent of Modern art museums in the world. If you are in New York, and an aficionado of modern art, you ought to pay a visit to MoMa. Some of the featured artists in MoMa include Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup Cans and is reminiscent Pop art at its best. There are also works of Henri Rousseau and Claude Monet that redefine art couture in this museum.

So next time, when you pack your bags and look forward to your next vacation, make time to visit at least one of these museums, and explore the beauty and passion that is, Contemporary Art.

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