20 of the coolest movie posters of all time!

Movie posters peak our interest and also excite us without disclosing much about the movie and this is an art itself. In this blog we have collected 20 of what we think are the coolest movie posters of all time, there are so many to choose from these are just a few of the ones that float our boat. So let’s have a look!
1. Batman
A fancy and glittering gold logo along with the surnames of Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson was all that was required to hook the viewers. The Batman movie was released in the summer of 1989 and it ruled the Box Office for all the right reasons.
batman movie poster
2. Adaptation
The poster of this movie was way more creative and interesting. By looking at the poster it was hard to predict the theme. In the poster Nicolas Cage was shown as a broken flower pot and that was a creative yet fun way to create suspense among the public.
adaptation movie poster
Just like the movie the poster also depicts something scary, weird and also funny. The eyes in the poster just hook you and give you all chilly and scary vibes.
evil dead ii movie poster
4. The Dark Knight Rises
The poster of this movie uses negative space in order to create the logo of batman that we all know and absolutely love. The poster shows no taglines, no actors and no title; still it is enough to give a brief idea to the audience about the overall theme. Not only is The Dark Knight Rises one of our favourite of the Batman series but it also has one of the best movie posters!
The Dark Knight Rises Poster
5. Moon
This poster completely summarizes the trippy atmosphere and also the feeling of isolation. Instead of putting multiple images of the actor the poster shows only one image and that is enough to show the real sadness. Only the tagline gives some sort of hint at his fate.
moon movie poster
6. Wonder Woman
In the poster you will see the word “POWER” written in capital letters. But the beauty of this Wonder Women movie poster is that even if you remove that word it will still successfully convey that feelings through the colors, lightening and Wonder woman’s stance.
Wonder woman movie poster
This creative and thoughtful poster truly shows that the planet Mars is not only a prison for Mark Watney but at the same time it is also his personal prison. We love the retro feel to this minimalist poster.
the martian movie poster
8. Suicide Squad
How can we miss the poster of this iconic movie? In this movie we have many actors so we need a poster that conveys all the characters. To convey the unpredictability and destructiveness of the characters the designer transplanted all of them in a colorful mushroom.
suicide squad movie poster
This poster is all about selling subversion in one picture. Rather than playing on horror beats, the poster does a tremendous job of teasing the suspense and mystery of the movie.
the cabin in the woods movie poster
10/10 points for the sheer cleverness of this poster! At first glimpse you will only notice a man struggling between two mountains but by looking at it carefully you will find out that it is actually an hourglass.
127 hours movie poster
11. Finders Keepers
Here the designer chose a funny way to narrate the central conflict of the film. The central conflict is to fight over a severed leg.
12. Thor: Ragnarok
Bright colors are used in this stunning poster for the recent Ragnarok movie, it shows that it is a far cry from the past 2 Thor movies but it still manages to bring all the main characters from the story.
thor ragnarok movie poster
13. Us
This is surely the best horror posters of the year. In this poster the twin is shown in a very creative way as if it is asking who is real and who is a copy. The terrifying expression on the actress’s face adds more tension to it. This Us movie poster is probably the creepiest one on this list.
us movie poster
14. Buried
This poster perfectly creates a neat optical illusion combined with its bold, eye-catching black and white colour scheme the Buried movie poster looks great as artwork.
buried movie poster
15. The Conjuring
This is a creepy poster in many ways. Ok tell me, did you notice the shadow under the trap the very first time you saw the poster? Be Honest! The Conjuring movie poster is one of our favourites!
the conjuring movie poster
16. How to survive a Plague
It is a simple and ordinary image. The paper dolls in the poster are symbol of unity among men to resist and fight against the HIV outbreak.
This poster is done by the incredible and very talented artist James Jean. This poster is a mix of strangeness and romance.
the shape of water movie poster
18. Mother
When I first time look at this poster then my mind was blown. This movie is not a great movie but this poster does an excellent job of showing the nightmarish quality.
Mother Movie Poster
19. Spring Breakers
This poster is a perfect association of both playful and dangerous. It also hints at the absurdity of Harmony Korine’s strange crime pic.
20. Godzilla
All the Godzilla posters are great but I went for this because. In this poster King of Monsters is not fully shown and hidden from the front side.
godzilla movie poster