The Importance of Having Art in Your Home

The harmonious arrangement of objects around your room, whether it’s sculpture or ceramic art—and the list can go on and on—can be the small details that collectively bring a room together and transform an otherwise dull space into an interesting one. But they are really more than just decorative pieces in a room. These artistic accents bring a sense of calm and comfort for those that choose to surround themselves with them, but even so, if you don’t finish off with walls of dramatic artwork or photography, the place will rarely feel finished. It’s only in the combination of all of these elements working together that you will find the sense of space that characterizes a room and becomes a sort of extension of the personality of the people who live in that home.

wedding photo on canvas

The art one collects may be reminders of a feeling or sensation or an extension of one’s personal likes or dislikes, but what holds true across it all is that it’s overwhelmingly positive and inspirational, in many ways, to help with one’s own creativity or provide  a space to keep calm. Art challenges us all by encouraging us to think creatively and stir our emotional cores, if not for the creation of more art then for the creative thinking we could bring into our daily lives. In many ways, our private home or office spaces become personal sanctuaries. They bring us closer to understanding cultural trends and historical movements that have been so influential in our own lives and upbringing. Beyond a word Personalised art makes it easy to buy the perfect personalized gift for any occasion.

Floral red canvas printIt’s often something we take for granted, art displayed in the world around us; from coffee houses, to hotel rooms, to conference rooms to doctor’s offices, paintings designed to calm and soothe the mind, yet so many of us don’t make the effort to actively decorate our own homes with art pieces that evoke these positive and creative feelings in us. For many, decoration takes place at an unconscious level—picking up pieces along the way but never knowing the intent. A key improvement to our creative self has never been so easy. With so many places to find art—in yard sales, flea markets, galleries, online—it’s a wonder why we’ve waited so long to enrich ourselves, and our minds with such wonderful treasures. So next time you find yourself out, take a moment to look at the world around you, it’s colours, it’s character, and remember these scenes when you’re out shopping for new art. Does that vase evoke a feeling of calm or perhaps remind you of a foreign land? Does that painting remind you of your childhood or inspire you to be creative in your work? The art we choose are reflections of our personalities, our senses, and our experiences. It’s an important key understanding ourselves more deeply and honestly.

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