The Art of Claude Monet

The Art of Claude Monet

The Art of Claude Monet. Born on 14th November 1840 in Paris, Claude Monet was a French painter, who is believed to have invented the impressionism style of painting. Monet’s first brush with art was drawing caricatures of the local people, which he later began to sell. For a few years, he continued to draw caricatures until he met his mentor Eugene Boudin and took to painting in a more serious way.

Monet Impression Sunrise Soleil Levant Framed Wall Art AustraliaMonet mostly preferred to paint nature scenes but also sometimes chose humans as the subject of his paintings. It was while painting a picnic scene that he met Camille Doncieux, who would later become his lover and wife.

Monet’s Most Famous Creations

Claude Monet is considered to be one of the most famous impressionists, who is credited with creating a number of masterpieces. His paintings may contain things like a building or even his garden but it is portrayed in a fascinating and appealing manner. Some of the most famous Paintings of Claude Monet have been mentioned below.

  1. Impression, Sunrise: One of the most famous paintings created by Claude Monet, it was named Marina after it was first created in 1872. The title was later changed to Impression, Sunrise after Monet was told to give a clearer title to be put in the catalogue. The scene of the painting looks over a harbour in France, called the Le Havre. A group of painters at an 1874 exhibition, where the painting was displayed, was referred to as the impressionists by Louis Leroy. The name stuck and has since become a movement.
  2. La Promenade: Painted in 1875, it displays a woman carrying an umbrella and tries to relive the romance of a time gone by. Monet has painted several version of the woman with a parasol.
  3. Rouen Cathedral: One among the series of paintings created by Monet, the Rouen Cathedral was made in 1892. It was majorly done as an experiment to understand the effects of light and shade at different times during the day.
  4. Water Lillies: Monet was especially fascinated by his garden and the Water Lillies are from a series of paintings that he did of his garden. The painting was created in 1908 and is a classic example of how much effort Monet put in his paintings.
  5. Iris: It is another one of the master artist’s series of paintings depicting his garden. Monet looked at his garden like a work of art and painted it in different hues, portraying its numerous shades.

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