The Art of Chris Paschke

The Art of Chris Paschke

You may have already noticed but we here at Blue Horizon Prints like Chris Paschke, hadn’t noticed? Well, have a look for yourselves here. That’s right, we have a whole lot of amazing quality canvas prints brought to you by the talented hands of Chris Paschke.

Gilded Mandarin II Canvas Print Preview

Chris Paschke was born to a working-class family in Chicago, America in 1951. She left higher education with an honours degree in Creative Arts and Design. Chris then when on to open her own calligraphic design and illustration business where the business began to boom!

Gilded Storm Teal Grey III Canvas Print Online Sale

After some serious travelling and a few moves, Chris Paschke relocated in 2002 to the Tehachapi Mountains, a mountain range in the Transverse Ranges system of California in the Western United States. Peace and tranquillity can be found here, as can the artist’s cats and Arabian horses. It’s fair to say that by this point, Chris Paschke is an internationally renowned calligrapher and artist.

Chris has studied with master calligraphers from many countries including, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Russia and China. So enchanted by China was Chris that from this point her work took on a powerful Asian influence, strongly seen here in Paschke’s Bird series. Since her first visit, Chris has had many more trips to China bringing a Zen minimalism through to her work.
Chris has for some time now been heavily influenced by abstract art from the likes of Rothko, Kline and Pollock crossed with traditional Chinese masters and Japanese Sumi-e painting. Sumi-e painting uses black ink in various concentrations. Her medium of choice is watercolour.


The Asian influence is apparent in two particular collections that we really love. We already mentioned the Birds collection but we also want to show you the Gilded animals collection, take a look here. This beautiful stallion stands out in molten gold. Liquid gold illustrates these stunning animals in a technique that only Chris Paschke could master. Here is a Panda from the Gilded Animals collection.

We have told you about a few of our favourites now, how about we tell you about some more and why we love them?
The Asian influence is not the only strong influence in Paschke’s work, we mentioned the abstract influence, well this

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