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Print your photo onto canvas

Never has it been easier to print your photo onto canvas than it is today. Thanks to modern technology, the ability to print your photo onto canvas is rising in its ease and popularity while prices are lowering.

One of the most exciting developments to spring from the digital age is the ability to expound upon standard photo printing options and now enjoy canvas publications of your greatest pieces. Canvas art is the term used to describe giclee prints which stretch the format print onto a deep canvas frame. If you are preparing your photos to convert them into a canvas print, you should ensure the highest resolution is set on your camera. You can then use photo shop software to save your photos as a large format such as 300 dpi. You can take this saved file and submit it to the printing company of your selection to enjoy the speciality art it becomes.

There are many modern uses for canvas prints that you create from your personal photos. Whether by choice of the home owner or the interior decorator they are most popular for home décor thanks to the mass production and current availability in stores. The most popular aspect of canvas is not the easily integrated features for home use or the mass availability, but rather, the fact that personal photographs or drawings can be uploaded and directly order in large print form. It is a great alternative to framing personal artwork because the wood used for the frame is not visible, thereby not requiring any treatment or varnish, and there is no glazing.

As one of many modern trends for the dynamic home interior design, a single photograph or personal drawing can now be turned into a myriad of differently sized canvas pieces, thus adding to the appeal and multi-faceted use in a home’s décor. Consequently, creating several pieces from a single photograph can turn one photo into a series which can be spread throughout the home, with single photos in each new location, or single photos along each wall.

If you want something more unusual you can also have your photo transformed into Andy Warhol style pop art canvas prints. Simply select the desired style, canvas size and colours, submit an order then let experts such as Blue Horizon Prints do the rest, a proof is emailed for approval then when you are happy your pop art will be printed then delivered within a few days! Easy!

No matter the reason why you print your photo onto canvas, you can enjoy the many tools offered by online photo editing sites and home photo editing software so that your photo is as flawless as you want before you finalise the canvas print. You can then select the size of the print you want and you are on your way to unique, contemporary artwork.

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