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Deciding which wrap to use for your canvas print

A question we often get asked by our customers is what wrap is best for my photo on canvas? In this article we all shed some light on the choices available and how to make this decision.

A wrap, border or bleed are all names for the edge of your stretched canvas print. This is the 3.5cm edge of the canvas that Eœwraps around the wooden stretcher frame. Making the right choice of wrap will have a big impact on your photo on canvas.

Blue Horizon Printing offers 5 standard choices plus more if required. These are: Blur wrap, Gallery wrap, Mirror wrap, Plain wrap (white or black). See below for a picture of all 5 styles.

Choices of wrap for canvas print
Choices of wrap for canvas print

A Gallery wrap uses the image itself to wrap around the frame. Using a Gallery wrap means that you will lose part of the image as it will wrap around the edges of the print. This means that if you have detail at the edge of a canvas that you dont want to lose from the front of the image then this is probably not the right choice for you.

A mirror wrap is the answer to this problem as it ‘mirrors’ or copies the last 3.5cm of the image and duplicates it around the edge of the canvas print. This work extreemly well in many instances but can occasionally be the wrong choice. (dont worry – we wouldnt actually print an image that looks like the one below, we would inform the customer that it is the wriong choice).

The image below shows an example of a bad and good mirror wrap:

bad gallery wrap
bad gallery wrap

Good Mirror wrapAs you can see, the boys face has been ‘mirrored’ around the edge of the canvas print border and has caused the print to look ‘distorted’. Dont worry – we wouldnt actually print an image that looks like the one below, we would inform the customer that it is the wrong choice and advise on a better choice.

The fern canvas print however mirrors the fern fronds and looks great, if this had been a regular gallery wrap a lot of the fern would have been lost around the edges.

Another very popular option is the blur wrap, this is a good choice when neither the gallery or mirrored wrap can be used (often in portrait photography for example). The blurred edge does exactly what the name implies and uses the colours near the edge of the border asnd blurs them into the picture. It is a good alternative to simply keeping the edges plain.

Last but not least you can choose to keep the borders plain white or black (or if you let us know we can offer other colours such as reds, greens etc). The plain wrap is effective for classic reproductions for artwork, for example most of the modern art we offer on the website uses plain white or black borders.

The final decision is always our customers but we are happy to help you make up your mind. If we feel that the wrap choice you have made isnt the right one then we are happy to let our customers know which we believe is a better choice.

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