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Printing Pictures On Canvas

Printing photos on canvas is a great way to display our digital images. A canvas art is distinctly different from printing the photos on a conventional media like a photo paper. Although a traditional photo paper media is still preferred by most amateur and professional photographers, the trend of printing photos on canvas is fast catching up. Although a photo paper comes in different options like standard, matte or glossy, yet the practice of canvas printing offers a far more superior texture to the photographs and that too in a much magnified scale than the traditional photo papers. Here are the reasons why canvas printing should be preferred above standard photo paper printing.

Baby Pop-art

Firstly, a canvas print is much more durable than a photo paper print. A photo paper print is susceptible to tear and fade within a few years, whereas a canvas print will stay the same for more than 100 years. The old canvas paintings at the museums by the great artists is a testimony to the fact that a canvas printing can stay alive for hundreds of years if proper care of the canvas art is taken. Furthermore, a canvas print can offer you a textured appeal that will not be available if you get the print done on a photo paper. A photo paper print looks extremely flat when compared to a canvas print. The allusion to oil painting that the photos on canvas offer is also unavailable in the case of a photo paper.  A digital photo canvas can in fact be passed on as a grand heirloom as it can withstand the strains of time for more than hundred years.

The canvas printing technology can actually turn amateur photographers into great artists. Since canvas is conventionally associated with oil paintings, when we print a photo to canvas we actually transform the visualization of a photographer into a great work of art. You can display your canvas print at your home or office or give them away as amazing gifts on various occasions. A canvas art makes a perfect gift for house warming party or a birthday party. You can even make a canvas of your wedding photographs and gift it to your spouse on your wedding anniversary. To add a more personal touch to your canvas print you can also write a personal message on the canvas art to express your emotions.

Any photograph can be transformed into a painting by the canvas printing technology. The use of modern printing practices like ink jet printing, using UV resistant inks and dye saturation techniques can ensure that your photographs are vibrantly reproduced on to a canvas without missing out the fine details and the color balance of the original photographs. You can even create great works of art by adding effects to the photographs before you put them up for canvas printing.  For instance, you can create a pop up portrait art or you can create a sepia toned landscape with the help of the photo editing tools.

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