Botticelli (Sandro Filipepi), 1445-15IO

Sandro Filipepi was born in Florence in 1445. The son of a tanner, as a youth he entered the studio of the painter Filippo Lippi and adopted the nickname of his elder brother, Botticello (“small cask”). By age twenty- five he already had his own studio. After Painting many images of the Virgin and Child,… Continue reading Botticelli (Sandro Filipepi), 1445-15IO

Blue Horizon Prints has a facelift!

Today we launched the new look of Blue Horizon Printing, you’ll notice that we still print our customers photos onto canvas, as always offering great quality at fantastic prices, as always, we have your photo on canvas printed within just a couple of days then delivered, ready to hang  within a week. However youll hopefully… Continue reading Blue Horizon Prints has a facelift!