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Family, Friends, and Pets Make Unique Collage Canvas Prints

Decorating a home is fun – you get to choose exactly what type of furniture, carpeting, and artwork you want. All this goes into making your house or apartment more ‘you’, and a way to carry this personalization even further is to use your own photographs to make canvas print collages. You can use up to 50 photographs to create your collage, you need only download the photos you want to Blue Horizon Prints and the skilled artisans there will transform these into a beautiful photo print collage.

A collage of a new baby would not only be a touching addition to your own home, but imagine how the grandparents would feel getting a copy as well. Another approach would be to create a collage that would show the child through the years, from infancy to whatever age you wish. It would be difficult to imagine a more personal statement. School days or summer camp would also make a great subject for a collage.

All of us look forward to our holiday time every year, and surely there could be no better way to provide a memento of your trip than by creating a canvas collage. Whether you travel to an exotic foreign city, the rain forest, or take an ocean cruise, your time off from the daily routine is precious to you and your family. A photo collage of a journey to London, Narooma, or even a trip to visit relatives in the next territory will keep the trip fresh in your mind as long as the picture hangs on the wall.

Creating your very own canvas print collage is easy, too. You need only follow the steps given at https://www.bluehorizonprints.com.au/canvas-art/collage-canvas/ to get the process in motion. Uploading your photos couldn’t be easier, either; you can upload the photographs individually or as a zip file. Once Blue Horizon Prints has your photos they can begin preparing your photo collage. You can choose from a standard size collage right up to 40” by 54”, so the canvas print can be placed in among other artwork on the wall or can stand alone as a focal point of the room.

There are also a number of color options available that will allow you to further personalise your collage – you can choose to use the original colors in the print, but can also add a unique touch by having the collage produced in sepia or in black and white. The edge wrap can also be handled in a number of ways, to produce a bordered, unbordered, overlapping, or squared collage. The wide number of design choices available from Blue Horizon Prints means that each photo collage is a work of art that you will be proud to display. Because the highest quality canvas and pigments are used to produce your collage, you will never have to worry about deterioration. A clear coating applied to the surface offers further protection.

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