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Leonid Afremov Wall Art Prints

Leonid Afremov Wall Art Prints

Born July 12, 1955, Leonid Afremov is a modern-daymelody of the night Leonid afremov print impressionistic artist who has led the way with a palette knife and some oils.  Having developed his own unique art style and technique, there is no mistaking when Leonid crates a piece of art.

Leonid Afremov Canvas Art Australia

Building a reputation being an artist who is self-representing, he sells his artwork only over the Internet and doesn’t bother with many exhibitions or any type of involvement with galleries or dealers.  However, life wasn’t always as easy as posting things for sale online.  Prior to sites like eBay, Leonid had to pave his own way by selling things the old-fashioned way.  This wasn’t always an easy task either.

Born in Vitebsk, Belarus and living there until 1990, he then moved to Israel until 2002.  After deciding that Israel wasn’t the right place for him, he then decided to transplant himself to Boca Raton, Florida.  While he currently lives in Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico, it was his past experiences that helped him to develop into the artist that he is today.

Growing up with a father who designed shoes and a mother who worked in a metal factory, Leonid Afremov was born in the same town as artist Marc Chagall, who would eventually play a major role in Leonid’s life.

Raised in a typical Jewish home, Leonid’s family practised many traditional Jewish trends, even though they could potentially be imprisoned for that particular religion and speaking that particular language.

Being a good student in school, Leonid was always interested in art.  He would be sure to attend any and all art classes that were available, as well as learn from local artists through private lessons.  After noticing his talents, his parents started to encourage him to start pursuing his love of art.  They pushed him to develop as much talent in art as he possibly could.

Unfortunately, at the young age of 14, Leonid experienced an extreme cold that no human should be exposed too.  It was so cold that he actually damaged his kidneys.  This samPARIS OF MY DREAMS Leonid afremov printe kidney damage would eventually lead to hypertension, which he still battles to this day.

After graduating high school, Leonid studied art and graphics to help further his talent.  This is the time period that he was introduced to artist legends such as Picasso, Modigliani, March, Chagall, and the entire 19th century French Impressionism movement.  Leonid would participate in school exhibitions and sometimes even sell paintings at the exhibitions.

After graduating from art school in 1978, private lessons from the famous local artist legend Borowski helped Leonid find his unique style that would shape the way he would present his art to the world.

While Leonid has had an incredible life as an artist, he still to this day spends his time creating beautiful masterpieces of art from his home in Mexico.  He really has been able to take his rough upbringing and turn it into something that most can only imagine.

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