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Digital photo on canvas

A popular method of digitally enlarging photos is to print them up on a canvas. A canvas is an ideal medium for printing and preserving high-resolution photos taken by a digital camera. With advanced digital scanning techniques available at the behest of printing facilities, your digital photos and original artworks can be easily printed on canvas.Floral photo on canvas

Printing facilities offering digital photo printing services have with them advanced printers that can directly print a digital photograph from a digital camera or a memory card on a canvas. These sophisticated printers like the Epson stylus pro 9880 and the HP Designjet z6100 can undertake bulk amounts of digital photo printing and can provide high quality print on canvas with minimum color distortion. However, it is necessary that the settings of the digital camera be set to an optimum value to ensure that the print on canvas do not lose its color value.

The process of producing a stunning canvas art print therefore starts with the camera settings itself. Selecting the right photograph for a print on canvas is also essential. For instance, photographs with a dark background do not set well on a canvas compared to photographs with bright and rich colors. Moreover, the camera resolution should be set to a maximum limit to ensure that the print on canvas do not lose its color value. After the photograph is selected, the next step is to select the quality of the canvas. The canvas selected is of museum quality so that it can preserve the print on it for a long period of time. High quality cotton fabric canvas is used for the purpose of creating an durable digital photo canvas.

This is followed by using high quality UV resistant ink for the canvas printing purpose. Advanced printing technologies like the dye sublimation process ensure that the ink is totally fused with the cotton fabric of the canvas. The digital photo canvas is then sprayed with UV resistant spray to protect it from abrasive agents and from long-term exposure to moisture and sunlight. Finally, the print on canvas is stretched on to wooden frames to add more durability and enhance the longevity of the canvas print. These processes together ensure that the digital photo canvas is of highest quality and the print on canvas stays the same to be passed on as an heirloom to generations to come.

The canvas print facilities provide options of canvas of various sizes. The dimensions of the square or rectangular canvas can be set up to custom sizes as per client request. The digital art canvas thus created can be put up in exhibitions and galleries and are an excellent option to display your artworks if you are an artist. You can also print your favorite photos on canvas to create an impressive canvas print. In fact, with the help of photo editing tools, a canvas print can be digitally retouched to be transformed to a stunning digital photo canvas. The canvas prints are also great personalised gift items to be given on any occasions including birthdays and anniversaries.

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