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The beauty of floral artwork and designs

The beauty of floral artwork and design Flowers have brought beauty to the world since the very beginning of human civilization. Their colors lift the soul and their fragrance mystifies the senses. Flowers have been used in various customs and rituals and ceremoniously have been the inspiration for paintings and art. In Japan, the haiku poetry depicts the evergreen sakura. The cherry blossoms signify spring and a new beginning with such great splendor. Thomas Hardy’s poem, The Last Chrysanthemum signifies as to how even in harsh weather conditions, the chrysanthemum blooms merrily and without a hint of misery. It proves to be an emblem of resilience and strength.

It is no wonder whey the world of art is also inspired by flowers. Flowers are very figurative, and floral artists have used flowers to depict a myriad of emotions through their paintings. Floral artwork seems to be a mood lifter as well. We all tend to forget the beauty of nature due to our busy lifestyle. The constraint of appreciating art and nature alike, has led to a slight decline in understanding floral artwork and design.

Flowers adorn the house, and give it a fresh, welcoming appearance. Floral artwork and design also accomplishes this. Every time you look at the piece, you are given some type of inspiration to do something worthwhile. Optimism no doubt fills our heart when we look at nice floral paintings.

Floral patterns and designs bejewel the courtyards of several of Indian households, and they also have a deep abstract meaning to them. Floral artwork can be a part of impressionism, as brush strokes are liberally used to beautify the paintings, and highlight the details of the surrounding environment meticulously. Since flowers too are delicate, the thin brush strokes depict their façade. Claude Monet was a French impressionist. His series of paintings based on water lilies and water-lily ponds, illustrate how impressionism can merge with floral artwork to create stunning paintings.

Cheerfulness, innocence, and many more virtues are described by floral artwork. Janis Grau, has expressed innumerable feelings via her floral artwork. Some of her paintings are Morning glories in blue, Sunlit Hydrangea, and Passionflower party. These paintings are a celebration of colors and are both vivid and appealing. Any of these paintings can create a silent rumble wherever they are displayed, and a placid room can only be beautified if floral artwork is displayed on its walls. Moreover, modern art can also be depicted through floral artwork. American artist Georgia O’ Keefe’s painting, pineapple bud is also another great example. This painting uses minimum color, but the artist has uses taupe and red tint to create a beautiful floral piece that shows how deep floral art can be when using an imaginative approach. Floral art is artwork with a cadence, and it can be as imaginative as you would want it to be. It suits the palate of many people and is full of innovation.

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