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Tram & Bus Roll Specialists

Here at Blue Horizon Printing we design many tram and bus destination scrolls every week for our customers, they vary enormously in style from the our full line style, the traditional centred and underlined design through to a more contemporary style with mixed sized fonts. We offer 2 standard sizes but can easily create other sizes if required. Our scrolls are available in black and white, black and cream, cream and brown, blue, purple or even red however if you’d like a different colour it wont be a problem at all. We guarantee that every customer is 100% happy with their design because we will keep amending the proofuntil it is exactly what the customer wants! no matter how many proofs and amendments it takes. They all look fantastic and which one you choose depends entirely on personal choice.

I thought on this blog i’d display a few of our recent tram designs that have been created for our customers. This is just a few chosen to give a good cross section of what our customers have been designing recently.

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