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Classical art prints

They make up a lot of the art pieces we’ve grown to recognize with ease. They’re in art history books, are sold on sidewalks as tack up posters, and can even be found on postcards and postage stamps – the master works of classical art. From Monet to Renoir to Van Gogh the master artists have each left a timeless impression on the landscape of human creativity and imagination. Blue Canvas Prints brings you the classical art prints collection in such vibrant colours and exquisite detail that you’ll believe the pieces came from museums themselves.

All of our famous art prints are printed using the highest quality inks and on the highest grade of 100% cotton canvas to ensure that your masterwork is protected from discolouration or fading caused by sun or weather damage. Our aim is to make sure you enjoy your quality canvas prints for years to come. All of our prints come ready to mount and can be sized and oriented (portrait, landscape, panorama) to suit your particular needs and available space.

Rest assured, your Monet prints, Renoir prints, or Van Gogh prints will be appreciated and admired by all who all see them. And with our canvas prints being so affordable, you can build your own personal museum of famous art prints to have in your home or office. We already have such a vast and worthy collection, but if you have another work you’d like to see printed and displayed as canvas art don’t hesitate to contact one of our customer service representatives to have your favourite piece customised for your wall.

Classical art from the master painters are spread throughout several dozen museums across the entire world. Unless you’re a famed art historian with a bottomless pocket full of money, you are unlikely to see most of the classics outside of a book sitting on your coffee table. But if you order from Blue Horizon Prints you’ll enjoy high quality reproductions of any of your favourite works in no time. You won’t be disappointed, and you’re sure to love your canvas art so much you’ll likely come to us for more.

Bring the world’s beautiful masterpieces to your home and office and start browsing our gallery today. In no time you’ll enjoy your favourite work as it hangs front and centre in your room, commanding the appreciation only classical works have earned.

Paul Cezanne, 1839-1906, Painter

Paul Cezanne was born in Aix-en-Provence in 1839. After studying classical literature, at age twenty he decided to become a painter and was soon traveling back and forth to Paris, where he was reunited with his child­hood friend, the novelist Emile Zola. He frequented the independent Academie Suisse, copied paintings in the Louvre, and admired… Continue Reading

Claude Monet, 1840 – 1926

Claude Monet spent his youth in Le Havre, in northern France. At high school he was bored by his teachers and scribbled caricatures in his notebooks. He met the painter Eugene Boudin, who took him on trips to the country‚Aside, initiating him into the pleasures of painting a subject on site. By this time Monet… Continue Reading

Canvas Art Prints for any room

Canvas art prints are a great way of decorating the walls of a room. A canvas art print transforms the mundane walls of your room into a lively colorful experience. If you are an art aficionado, then you can display your artistic passion by printing copies of famous art pieces on canvas. These art pieces… Continue Reading

An article on Claude Monet

“IF MONET IS REGARDED AS THE IMPRESSIONIST par excellence, one must admit that both Degas and Renoir also have their own special qualities.Czanne,too, merits individual study, although his development in relation to later art seems to set him somewhat apart from the Impressionist movement as a whole. However, when considered with reference to Monet’s life… Continue Reading

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