Paul Cezanne, 1839-1906, Painter

Paul Cezanne was born in Aix-en-Provence in 1839. After studying classical literature, at age twenty he decided to become a painter and was soon traveling back and forth to Paris, where he was reunited with his child­hood friend, the novelist Emile Zola. He frequented the independent Academie Suisse, copied paintings in the Louvre, and admired… Continue reading Paul Cezanne, 1839-1906, Painter

Claude Monet, 1840 – 1926

Claude Monet spent his youth in Le Havre, in northern France. At high school he was bored by his teachers and scribbled caricatures in his notebooks. He met the painter Eugene Boudin, who took him on trips to the country‚Aside, initiating him into the pleasures of painting a subject on site. By this time Monet… Continue reading Claude Monet, 1840 – 1926

Canvas Art Prints for any room

Canvas art prints are a great way of decorating the walls of a room. A canvas art print transforms the mundane walls of your room into a lively colorful experience. If you are an art aficionado, then you can display your artistic passion by printing copies of famous art pieces on canvas. These art pieces… Continue reading Canvas Art Prints for any room

An article on Claude Monet

“IF MONET IS REGARDED AS THE IMPRESSIONIST par excellence, one must admit that both Degas and Renoir also have their own special qualities.Czanne,too, merits individual study, although his development in relation to later art seems to set him somewhat apart from the Impressionist movement as a whole. However, when considered with reference to Monet’s life… Continue reading An article on Claude Monet