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The Art of Decorating a Childs Room

Rocket to space smR0cket canvas print

Decorating a childs room can be a tricky affair as children often have outlandish demands that are not practicable. Another problem that one may come across while revamping childrens room is that it requires a great deal of foresight. The decoration should be done in a way that does not get obsolete even when the child grows up by a few years. Mentioned below are a few tips that will help you in decorating a childs bedroom.

1. Flooring: It is better to have a dark coloured tiled floor rather than one with a carpet. Although a carpet looks nice, but it will get spoiled quite frequently and would be extremely troublesome to clean. Besides, the carpet can also be a hotbed for insects and termites that can harm the child. A tiled floor is much easier to clean.

2. The Walls: The walls should be done in pastel colours as it generally looks good besides having a calming effect on the occupants. You can further beautify the walls by adding various designs as per your childs age and liking. Adding a canvas print can be a great way to brighten up the walls and make a better quality method of decorating than a poster that gets damaged easily.

3. Cupboards: Storage place is an integral part of a childs room as there is plenty of stuff to keep depending on the childs age. If you are going to get new closets installed, it is better to opt for something that will not become unusable in just a few years. Choose the colours of the cabinet to complement that of the walls and decorate it with beautiful pictures. You can even use pictures of fruits or alphabets if your child has just started going to school.

4. Furniture: When buying new furniture for your childs room, opt for light coloured stuff as it will be easier to paint in a darker shade if you decide to do so at a later date. Make sure that the furniture does not have any sharp corners that may hurt the child.

5. Curtains: There are plenty of options when it comes to choosing curtains for a childs bedroom, but you should choose material that is easy to maintain as children can make thing dirty really fast. Avoid window coverings with strings as it is dangerous for the child.

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