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The Perfect Canvas for the Perfect Picture

The Perfect Canvas for the Perfect Picture

Many people do not know that there are many different kinds on canvases. They think that a canvas is a board which has a picture printed on it, well that is not true. There are a few different canvas types, the canvas for art will differ from the canvas for photography. Additionally their size also varies and you can choose or customize them according to your needs.

Smoke Composition 3 Panel Canvas PrintSplit Panel Designs

Split panel canvas print designs are very interesting. They are basically the same art just divided on to different panels of different sizes.

These canvas panels actually add a very elegant, attractive, and even a designer look in to any room you place them in. With the wide range of attractive colors, and options, available creating customized split panels to make any room stand out is easy.

Panoramic Print Canvases

Panoramic canvases are comparatively large in size. They tend to cover one entire and very large wall and can depict images of vast sceneries or landmarks. These canvases can be customized as well and are typically used to cover large, blank walls to make a room look attractive. The canvases are extremely attractive, lively, and can portray a dynamic and bold piece of art in your home with grace.

Mix 4 Panel Canvas

These panel canvases will definitely blow you off your feet. Art has never looked better. These canvases do not just give you variety; they bring the art to life. You will feel like you are not just staring at another work of art, but you are looking out the window and viewing it with your very own eyes. Each panel is of a different size, bougth together to form a single picture. These 4 panels do not take up much space and make any wall look lively.

The Perfect Canvas ArtworkVintage Movie Posters

Now you can preserve the moments and posters from your favorite movies. These vintage movie canvases will completely mesmerize you, not just with their perfect quality and detail, but with the presence and vibes they bring in to the room. No one will be able to resist asking your where you got these from.

These posters are from a range of different movies which were rated as most popular throughout 1950-1195. They include many designs, such as Star Wars, James Bond, and even Scarface, and even the latest hits too like Twilight, and Harry Potter.

Street Art

If you are a fan of street art and graffiti than you have to go through Blue Horizon Prints’ Street Art collection. The range of street arts, the details, and the quality will definitely win your heart. With a wide range of comic heroes, and the perfect combination of neon and attractive colors, this collection will make it hard for you to decide which one to take home. Street art collection also has a wide range for the Bansky collection too.

Advantages of putting photos on canvas

Often, we look at photographs and our minds are filled with memories of the past. How great it was and what we all did, the moment was confined to a photograph and hence, became an illustration. Memories have their own language, and to understand this, we use the arts. The artist captures every scintillating moment… Continue Reading

The Beginnings Of Modern Art

During the latter part of the 19th Century, there were a rising number of painters who began to break the trend of socially acceptable methods and careful execution of their artistic compositions. Artists began receiving opposition from the churches as they explored subject matter differing from the overly used heroic interpretations of that day. More… Continue Reading

Salvador Dali, 1904-1989

Salvador Dali was born in Figueras, Spain (Catalonia), where he also died. He studied painting in Madrid between 1920 and 1925, where he ac­quired the academic proficiency char­acteristic of his work. As a young man, Dali read the work of Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis. Alerted to the subtleties of the subconscious, he set… Continue Reading

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