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What is Triptych Art?

Triptych Art

The term triptych is a Greek word that means ‘three folds’. It’s majorly used in the fine art to describe a specific painting that originally consists of three parts with two small wings and a large central panel that are fixed together using hinges. Once the wings are closed, they tend to move to the centre. The essence of closing is to protect the middle major image from scratches or any sort of damage.

Triptych hinged panel paintings were one of the most famous forms of art during the medieval era. They ranged in sizes from small artworks that were mostly used domestically to major altarpieces that were hanged in altars and other places of worship.

Triptych art was highly regarded in the middle ages in Europe since they were conveniently transported from and to various locations since they were too flexible to fold. Also, domestically their portability attracted homeowners as they could easily be folded saving a lot of space in those homes that had small space setting.

Today triptych art is frequently utilized as décor element in most interior design spaces. They seem so appealing when they are placed in offices, hotels, and homes. When perfectly placed on the walls they can cultivate and paint the environment around calm and aesthetic. Also, they can try to describe and portray the message of the environment that they are placed in.

Purple Shores Sunset Triptych Wall ArtTriptych art was exhibited on various altar places, one common piece being the adoration of Jesus. Similar pieces were witnessed but inscribed with different messages, Jesus a shepherd for the people, Jesus with his disciples among others.

Then artists like Hugo Van der Goes was able to bring the real life of the scene through a triptych painting. The flowers and symbols that were on the painting greatly reflected artwork at its best. Triptych artwork is able to portray emotions in narrated stories and also reflect the passing of time.

This form of art is mysterious, and most modern artists have a new take on expressing this form of artwork. New artists have begun using the idea of a landscape or an abstract scene, and then break it into three parts making it portable enough to fit in a living room or a gallery, thus giving triptych art a new dimension.

Over the years triptych has become a successful vehicle for installation of art. There are many reasons that are attached to this, maybe artists find it fascinating to work with three images in one long artwork. The following are the reasons as to why many viewers and artists are motivated to take triptych to a digital level.

  1. Triptych has significant visual appeal.

The imageries are quite appealing to both the buyer and the artist’s eyes. They greatly challenge whoever is viewing to try to interpret the design by themselves to crack the real meaning of the piece. Once the viewer starts to view the next panel they begin to come into terms that the artwork is trying to communicate and that they have no option other than to digest three masterpieces of artwork in one major component.

  1. The colours used.

The combinations of different colours make the artwork more aesthetic. They lead the viewer’s eyes from one image to the other, the eyes can’t stop moving from right to left and vice versa. The thin lines of diverse colours tone the painting to a whole new level keeping the piece more interesting. Also, triptych gives the artist freedom to contemporary mix colours which convert into a more exciting piece.

The Blue Forest Triptych Canvas Print ArtTriptych Wall Art

A great example of one of these stories is Frederick McCubbin’s The Pioneer, which depicts a peasant’s tale. The first section of this painting illustrates the beginning; a peasant observing the land for his future farm, and a woman in contemplation, the vital section is the central part of the triptych which shows that time has taken a new leaf and that and there is a child with the woman along with the peasant, denoting progress. In the third section of this painting, the artist depicts a grave and a young man, along with a glimpse of the tow. This clearly states that time has passed, but the aura remains mystified. There is a boy near a grave whose identity is unknown. This forces the viewer to use their own discretion as to deciding who the children are. Is it the same child from the central panel of the painting, or somebody who has just discovered the grave, and the town in the picture represents advancement?

Triptych art is mysterious, and most modern artists have a new take on expressing this form of artwork. New artists have begun using the idea of a landscape or an abstract scene, and then break it into three parts making it portable enough to fit in a living room or a gallery, thus giving triptych art a new dimension.

  1. Triptych has a great wall coverage.

One alarming issue with most other décor is that you never get a major bang for the dollar. In simple words, if one has intentions of investing in artwork it’s crucial that you purchase something that will cover the most part of your wall space.

A triptych can be the answer as it can be printed to 3 feet high and 6 feet long. One thing to ensure is that a ratio of 2 to 1 has adhered.

Triptych remains the only piece of artwork that grows complex as it progresses. However, this makes it more challenging for the artists but more interesting and beautiful to the viewers.

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