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Photos on canvas, the perfect birthday gift

Photos on canvas, the perfect birthday gift, can be easily created thanks to canvas printing technology. A canvas print is a facet of canvas art which displays images across a stretched canvas which then wraps around a frame. Canvas art is easily displayed in an interior region with the use of customised photographs or paintings.

Canvas prints have become increasingly popular through the integration of stock images or reproductions of artwork on canvas. While the print material remains cotton, many of the large canvas reprints measure 1.5 metres. With improved printing methods, many canvas prints can be printed directly onto any material, thus allowing artists to augment their photos or reproduced artwork and print it directly onto the media without diminishing any of the existing quality.

While inexpensive cotton is often used to create the canvas, the use of pure white cotton allows for the colour representation to print with precision. After printing the image, the canvas can be stretched and stapled to the wooden panel through the use of stretcher bars wherein it is glued down and displayed. The use of solid pine for the wooden panel provides additional strength. If the printed image is meant to convey a traditional three dimensions often associated with the use of mounted canvas artwork, then the printed image is often wrapped around the edges in the full-bleed effect.

Canvas prints have become a widely popular birthday gift idea for your home or for others. Thanks to the internet online photo to canvas creations can be ordered in minutes so there is no need to panic if you forgot about a certain birthday, or have just lacked the time to purchase a gift until the last minute. If you do not have a personal photo you want to print for the birthday photos on canvas you can select from a wide range of banksy street art converted to banksy canvas prints, or you can select from a wide range of vintage poster prints. You can also customise bus destination scrolls or tram scrolls from replica 1950s and 1960s signs, fitted with your personal wording.

Nothing is more unique for a birthday present than personalised canvas photos, especially when you help your loved one remember their birthday with a personal photo. Canvas photos can also be divided into a photo collage so that multiple events can be combined to send a single message: happy birthday.

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