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Photos printed onto canvas

The preference of soft canvas material for reprinting photographs over traditional paper photo prints has increased dramatically in recent times. With the advancement in technology nowadays photographers can directly convert snapshots from their digital cameras into a canvas art print. The process of printing photos to canvas has become more sophisticate and accurate with time. As a result, artists can have their creation vividly reproduced on the cotton of a canvas. The various ways in which camera to canvas is separate from camera to paper are discussed here.


The photo to canvas printing method gives a certain depth to the image that we do not find when we print the image in the traditional photo paper. The weavings of the canvas contribute to the texture of the image and lends it a deserving depth. Combine this with the vividness of light and shadow in the image, and the reason why photos on canvas are deeper should become clear. The creativity of the artist thus finds a more vivid expression in the digital photo canvas.


Photo prints on canvas can last for more than hundred years. The old canvases at the art museums are evidences of this. Instead of printing the photo to canvas, if it is printed on a photo paper, then the image begins to show signs of wear and tear within ten years. The canvas art print gives a much longer life to the vision of the photographer.

Size options

The photos on canvas are generally much bigger in size than the photos on paper. A canvas can be as large as 50 by 70 inches, even larger if specially ordered. The grandness of the canvas makes it prominent and attentive at the same time. The canvas art magnifies the visual effect of the photograph manifold and it looks like a painting. A beautiful scenery snapshot thus transforms into a grand painting by nature when the photo is printed on canvas. A portrait looks more alive when the photo to canvas process is applied to it. The effect is further intensified when any visual effect is added to the photograph.


Since the photo to canvas printing puts life into a digital photograph, it has a particular type of creative appeal that is significantly different from the traditional photo paper printing. The creativity here depends on the fact that the photos on canvas are actual real life images that have been transformed into a painting. This is because whenever we see a canvas, we immediately associate painting to it. The creativity is also manifested in the visual effects given  to the photo to express it in a deeper interpretation.

Canvas creates thought

The grandiose of the canvas art and the combination of both aspects, painting and photography, creates a thoughtful effect on the onlookers. A canvas is a reflective medium as it creates reflections in the minds of the onlookers. The illusion of life on canvas illustriously captures the attention of the spectator.


An old canvas can again be recycled. The additional texture that an old canvas gives makes it even more attractive to many.

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