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Wall Prints Australia

Here is a guide to make your wall aesthetically pleasing. Know the characteristics of the wall prints that make your walls jump!

Best Décor for Your Home: Wall Prints and their Outstanding Features

Do your walls look dull and dreary? Here is a very easy way to change the ambience in your room; you just have to learn how to deck the walls of your rooms. You have a lot of options to choose from but a trend that is getting more popular is buying canvas art prints– you do not have to break the bank decorating with aesthetically appealing wall prints.

So what can you have on your walls? Wall prints, canvas prints and framed art are good wall decorations that are great substitutes for original paintings. You can opt for replicas of works of good artists, panoramic prints of New York City or typographic artwork such as personalised art or tram and bus scrolls. And you can be in the new trend of artistically decorating your home with canvas wall prints. Done in high-quality prints, these can add value to your room.

Whitehaven beach aerial view

Types of canvas wall prints

Consulting your interior decorator or browsing one of the many home magazines, you will discern that a lot of art shops and galleries offer a huge range of canvas artworks. These can be in different shapes and sizes in a uniqueness that can add colour and beauty to any room in the house.  Canvas art wall prints can be found in several types: diamond split panel, trams and bus scrolls, panoramic’s and many more. If you opt to personalize your canvas wall prints, then a good gallery will be most willing to accommodate your requirements, some such as Blue Horizon Prints specialise in personalised gifts / customised canvas prints meaning that they can create one-off typographic artworks using any required wording in any style and colour. One common way of personalizing your wall decor is to consider photos of members of the family printed on canvas. Created in high quality this will seem like a portrait that is oil-painted on the canvas.

Great Ocean Road Australian Wall Art Print

Quality of canvas wall prints

Canvas portrait prints come in sizes that range from 25 x 38 centimetres to 112 x 250 centimetres, priced from $68 to $700 (price base is supplied by an Australian canvas art shop). If a larger size I required or other kinds of canvas art such as metallic paper is required, you can talk to your art shop, as a reputable art gallery will be able to offer a good range of options. For photo wall prints on canvas, the resolution of the prints is dependent on the dpi or dots per inch of the photo. You should be familiar with the fact that the bigger the size of the photo, the less detailed the photo becomes if your photo wasn’t taken using a particularly good camera, for example, the size of a canvas print is limited if the photo was taken using a phone.

Other determinants of the final canvas wall prints are the printer and ink used in the production of the canvas prints. The best quality prints are done by Epson printer with Epson ultrachrome pigment. This equipment and ink combination produces the most vibrant colours.

The kind of canvas on which the photo is printed is another quality-determining factor. The best quality types of canvas are the poly-cotton and cotton (depending on personal preference); both serve as the best surface for photo printing. Printed in poly-cotton the result is smoother, more long-lasting, while a 100% cotton canvas tends to have slightly more texture. Quality wall prints printed using good canvas and inks have an expected longevity of 75 years!

Australian Landscape Photo Art Wall Print Uluru Australia

Finishing of the canvas wall prints

Highest quality wall prints on canvas may not be enough to provide the allure of this wall decoration. The way you have finished the final output is paramount. This may concern the kind of framing or stretching of the canvas.

For the framed finish, your wall prints are encased in a black, white or mahogany frame. The canvas frame is covered with Perspex cover (this prevents the glass from breaking or cracking if accidents happen!). This is a cover that resembles glass but is a lot more durable. You can opt for the canvas wall prints to be delivered to you stretched or unstretched. When you choose the stretched kinds, they are already ready-to-hang as they are provided with back protective bumpers and picture wire. The canvas is stretched on a good quality pine frame where the edges of the canvas are taped and stapled on the frame. The unstretched is delivered rolled and it is up to you to do the finishing – framing or stretching.

You can have your wall prints easily with the online art shops in the market. Even if the company is based in Australia or in any other place, shipping can be arranged anywhere in the world if you choose a good online company. Placing the order is as easy as you only have to email and upload the photo that needs to be printed. Then, place your order, pay and wait until it is shipped to your doorstep.

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