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Choosing the right sized canvas for the right size wall and space

Do you really want to update your personal space in your home or office with some unique and mesmerizing, high quality pieces of art? Perhaps you already have the perfect piece in mind but you’re not sure how large a piece you want to buy. Well, Blue Horizon Prints offers you several sizing options at affordable prices to suit your preferences and space dimensions. We offer stretched canvas prints in several different styles from square to panoramic to portrait and landscape as small as 8” x 8” inches to as large of 84” x 84.” And you can always contact us for custom sizes, so no matter how small or how large your space is, you’re sure to find the ideal piece.

Blue Horizon Prints has one of the best collections of iconic and pop canvas print art you will find online. Plus, we also give you the option of creating great art by putting your favourite photos on canvas and even creating a collage of all of your favourite images. Just give us a call and one of our friendly customer service representatives will be happy to help you create your one of kind piece. So no matter which direction you go, you’re sure to find or create the perfect canvas art for your home or office.

In addition to our several sizing options, Blue Horizon Prints offers a number of wrap options to make your canvas art the ideal piece for your personal space. Whether you prefer a black wrap, a gallery wrap or a blur wrap, all of our canvas prints are all printed using the finest UV resistant inks and the best quality 100% cotton canvas to guarantee your art stays looking fresh and vibrant for years. All of our canvas prints are stretched over a kiln dried timber frame and shipped ready to hang.

With so many sizes and styles to choose from you won’t have any trouble finding that perfect size to fit any wall or space. Add a splash of colour and your unique personal taste to any room. Search our extensive gallery of iconic and popular art or design your one of kind piece with one of your favourite photos. Shipping is always free to Australia, England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, and we can always ship internationally at the lowest rates. Your satisfaction is guaranteed, so don’t delay, get started today and you’ll be enjoying your wonderful canvas art masterpiece in no time.

Street art sign design

Have you noticed that companies get more creative nowadays? There is an increasing number of very cool marketing campaigns. Guerilla Marketing became a big thing and lots of companies make use of it. They create an incredible sign design in order to catch attention to their brand and give people something cool they associate the… Continue Reading

Vintage Movie Posters on canvas

We all have a favourite scene: Whether it’s Gregory Peck symbolizing the highest order of integrity and moral as Atticus Finch in “To Kill a Mockingbird,” or Steve McQueen’s stunning and suspenseful flight in the “Great Escape” or even Tony Curtis’ memorable drag performance in “Some Like It Hot,” memories from the silver screen make… Continue Reading

Blue Horizon Prints is now on Womo

Here at Blue Horizon Prints we have a reputation for premium quality canvas prints and photos on canvas, when our customers buy from us they know that they will receive a piece of high quality art that has been hand made in Australia using the very best quality materials, inks and printers. We make this… Continue Reading

What is Triptych Art?

Triptych Art The term triptych is a Greek word that means ‘three folds’. It’s majorly used in the fine art to describe a specific painting that originally consists of three parts with two small wings and a large central panel that are fixed together using hinges. Once the wings are closed, they tend to move… Continue Reading

Advantages of putting photos on canvas

Often, we look at photographs and our minds are filled with memories of the past. How great it was and what we all did, the moment was confined to a photograph and hence, became an illustration. Memories have their own language, and to understand this, we use the arts. The artist captures every scintillating moment… Continue Reading

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