Choosing the right sized canvas for the right size wall and space

Do you really want to update your personal space in your home or office with some unique and mesmerizing, high quality pieces of art? Perhaps you already have the perfect piece in mind but you’re not sure how large a piece you want to buy. Well, Blue Horizon Prints offers you several sizing options at… Continue reading Choosing the right sized canvas for the right size wall and space

Advantages of putting photos on canvas

Often, we look at photographs and our minds are filled with memories of the past. How great it was and what we all did, the moment was confined to a photograph and hence, became an illustration. Memories have their own language, and to understand this, we use the arts. The artist captures every scintillating moment… Continue reading Advantages of putting photos on canvas

Canvas your memories and make them come alive:

There is no better way to decorate your home with your much-loved, eternal moments and watch them come alive again on your walls. Every photograph tells a different story, and when it hangs up on the walls of your home with a personalised touch of style and art, it will transform a room into a… Continue reading Canvas your memories and make them come alive:

Canvas Prints – What Options Do You Have?

Canvas printing is something that has come a long way over the past few years.  Previously, photos that were printed to canvas didn’t look like they were actually painted on by hand.  Now, the photos that are printed look much more personal.  There are also some great effects that can be used to enhance your… Continue reading Canvas Prints – What Options Do You Have?

Customized canvas art

Using Canvas printing artfully is a business which has attracted many customers. It took off when people started getting interest in possessing vintage or replicas of Tram Scrolls and Bus Scrolls. The replicas became popular because the originals which are nearly a century old are not easily available. Since people have a fascination for canvas… Continue reading Customized canvas art

Claude Monet, 1840 – 1926

Claude Monet spent his youth in Le Havre, in northern France. At high school he was bored by his teachers and scribbled caricatures in his notebooks. He met the painter Eugene Boudin, who took him on trips to the country‚Aside, initiating him into the pleasures of painting a subject on site. By this time Monet… Continue reading Claude Monet, 1840 – 1926

Edouard Manet, 1832-1883, Painter

Born into a cultivated family, Edouard Manet convinced his father to allow him to study with the painter Thomas Couture. He completed his education with visits to the Louvre and trips to Holland and Italy. In 1861, he exhibited The Spanish Singer at the Salon, which won him his first success. In 1862 he exhibited… Continue reading Edouard Manet, 1832-1883, Painter

Canvas Art Prints for any room

Canvas art prints are a great way of decorating the walls of a room. A canvas art print transforms the mundane walls of your room into a lively colorful experience. If you are an art aficionado, then you can display your artistic passion by printing copies of famous art pieces on canvas. These art pieces… Continue reading Canvas Art Prints for any room