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Great present ideas Photos on Canvas

Kids photo on canvas
Kids photo on canvas

Have you been stuck recently trying to buy a present for someone that has pretty much anything you can think of? Are you bored of sending (and receiving) the same presents, things that you arent even sure if they want?

If this is the case then we have the solution to your problems right here. A photo on canvas makes the best possible present. It is a thoughtful and personalised present that shows you ,have actually taken the time to think about what they will want, you have found a photo that either brings back great memories or will just look great in their home or office. I have NEVER spoken to someone that has received a photo on canvas and NOT been happy!

For Fathers day, a photo of his grandchildren making a mess of their dinner or playing in the garden will be absolutely loved and make the best Fathers day present he could imagine. The Canvas print will on the wall within a day of him receiving it! The perfect Mothers Day present would be a photo of your parents on their wedding day transformed into a unique work of art, delivered ready to hang straight onto the wall.

Picture the scene, its Christmas day, your Gran is opening a large flat parcel wrapped up in colourful wrapping paper, she opens it and it a photo of you and all your siblings when you were young, see the smile spread across her face. Now that is a present she wasn expecting that will not be discarded to the bottom of the cupboard in a few days.

Why buy your sister a camera that she may or may not use when instead you could instead have a photo of her dog EœBruno transformed into a colourful Andy Warhol Style Pop art portrait, a photo of a young child or even a dog can make sensational Warhol style pop art using the traditional Marilyn Monroe pop art styles or more modern bright colours and styles.

Ordering your photo on canvas could not be any easier; to place your order simply logon to https://bluehorizonprints.com.au/ and use the ordering system, upload your photo, select the size and shape, pay for the order and you are done, the whole order will take just 5 minutes. One week later your photo on canvas will be at your door, ready to hang straight on the wall!

We also offer a massive range of canvas art prints ranging from amazing photos of Sydney beaches through to our replica 1950tram and bus scroll art, these vintage banner artworks add a classical feel to any modern home or office and are the latest in home decor.

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