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What is a canvas print?

A canvas print is created by printing an image onto a canvas and then gallery wrapping the image and putting it up for display. Printing of reproduction of original artwork on canvas has been a popular practice since many decades. The printing method applied for creating such canvas art is offset printing. Since the 1990s, dye sublimation methods or inkjet print processes have been employed to create canvas print arts. The canvas print material used for the purpose is generally cotton. A less costly alternative plastic based poly canvas is used for printing photos on canvas. Large format printers found nowadays can print images directly on canvas rolls measuring 60 or more. Printers, such as the Epson stylus pro 9880 and the HP Designjet z6100 are capable of directly printing photos on canvas.

The fashion of putting up a canvas art was originally restrictive due to the high market price however nowadays anyone can afford a canvas art for their homes. There can be a variety of canvas art, depending on what you are printing on the canvas. You can print photos on canvas or you can print reproductions of original artworks on canvas. You can also paint a picture by yourself and print it on canvas to create a stunning canvas art. You will be amazed how photo editing software like photoshop can turn simple pictures into great works of art.

Such a canvas art is an ideal gift option for every occasion. If you are a newly married couple, then you can forever preserve the memories of your commitment by printing your marriage photos on canvas. By this way, you will always have your marriage memories as a sweet reminder of the commitments that you have made to each other.You can even print the drawings made by your kids on a canvas and create a canvas art. Your kids will be overjoyed at seeing their drawings printed on canvas and put up on the wall.

Printing photos on canvas is an ideal way of decking up your home. The photos can be a great memoir and they can add a personal appeal to your home. You can even create personalized gift items like photo albums, posters and calendars with the photos that you have clicked. Whatever the occasion is, a birthday celebration or an anniversary celebration, you can print the photos on canvas and make the event a memorable one. With advanced canvas printing technologies the photos come to life when they are printed on canvas. The canvas print thus created will be something that the recipient will cherish for a lifetime. Family group photos or workplace group photos can also be printed on canvas to create a durable canvas print.

A canvas art shows your artistic bent of mind. You can print original reproductions of famous art pieces on canvas and add a style value to your home. Such a piece of canvas art is a status symbol that greatly enhances the charm of your living room.

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