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Street art on canvas

Climb on the Banksy Bandwagon and Give Your Home a Modern Touch It sometimes seems as if the world has become transparent and everyone knows everything about everyone else, so it’s quite refreshing when an air of mystery surrounds someone. This is the case with Banksy, the elusive and furtive street artist from the UK who has left his mark on cities around the world. Although it has been speculated that Banksy’s real name is Robin Gunningham, even this is still in question as he continues to travel extensively to leave his guerilla art where it might be least expected.

Known as a graffiti artist, Banksy has carried on the tradition of street artists to create instant murals, although he has given them a unique twist with his use of apes, children, and old people with ‘off center’ word tags. Blue Horizon Prints has a selection of the best of Banksy’s art for sale such as “Apes Will Rise”, “Jack and Jill”, and “Banksy Maid”. The range of Banksy prints can be found at https://www.bluehorizonprints.com.au/canvas_art/15/1/products/.

In many ways, the streets have become a sort of modern theatre, and graffiti art has been a great contributor to this movement. Graffiti can truly be looked upon as the ‘people’s art’ and is often a spontaneous outpouring of emotions and attitudes. Banksy’s art is perfect for street culture, and its irreverence, countercultural outlook, and stark colors fit in perfectly with modern city life. It challenges all of us to stop and think for a moment, and appeals to the rebel hiding in all of us. Graffiti art can be applied using conventional paints, marker pens, or aerosol paints. Artists in this medium often have little time to apply their message before an authority figure appears to put a stop to their work.

As graffiti is considered to be vandalism in most localities, Banksy and others who use this art form must be fast. In order to get his message out quickly, Banksy has relied upon stencils that allow him to get the painting up in a minimum of time. This has resulted in crisp, definite pictures that stand out brilliantly.

If you’ve decided that your home needs a bit of pepping up and a bit of street art, you’ll find that Banksy canvas prints fit the bill neatly. Banksy’s combination of sometimes ordinary images with a pungent message will add a countercultural accent to your living room or bedroom. For instance, ‘Pat Down’ shows a housewife in a pink dress performing a body search on an enormous soldier.

Each Banksy print comes pre-stretched on a wooden frame and is ready to be placed upon the wall immediately, as would only be appropriate with Banksy’s art. However, should you so desire, you can also order Banksy prints unstretched or on archival paper.

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