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Banksy Prints

To simply say that we are living a new era of art is a gross understatement. The satirical street graffiti art that has risen in the last generation has never seen as great a height as that which is exemplified by Banksy art. Banksy does not sell photos of street graffiti directly himself; however, art auctioneers have been known to attempt to sell his street art on location and leave the problem of its removal in the hands of the winning bidder. But now you too can enjoy a piece of this important time in the history of art.

Blue Horizon Print celebrates this artistic revolution and grand step forward by bringing you some of the best graffiti canvas prints you will find online. All of our canvas art is printed using premium grade UV resistant inks and printed on your choice of stretched canvas or unstretched canvas so that you’re sure to enjoy your unique piece of art for years. You can also have your favorite Banksy prints displayed in one of several sizes so that you are ensured to have the perfect art piece look great on any wall and to fit in any space you desire.

Blue Horizon Prints boasts one of the largest collection of high quality, affordable Banksy prints you can find online. Here you will find infamous works like “Follow Your Dreams,” “Child Soldiers” and “Balloon Girl,” or a montage pieces amongst dozens more. And each canvas print is displayed in such fantastic colour detail to rival the original public work. Banksy art is famous for its brief life on display, but with one of our high quality canvas art prints, you’ll own an important piece of art history for generations to come.

Banksy’s graffiti canvas prints make the perfect addition to any modern and post-modern art collection. His iconic images are so popular and mesmerizing that they make the best personalised gifts for anyone on your list. Don’t feel limited by your choices. Blue Horizon Prints can customize your personal photos into pop art that look just as great as the most celebrated Banksy art. Take advantage of our fast and free shipping to anywhere in Australia. You’re satisfaction is guaranteed, so you can shop our collection with total confidence. Order today and in no time you can enjoy this incredible moment in the history of art.

The History of Banksy

While his real identity is still unknown, “Banksy” hails from England and is a world-renowned graffiti artist, famous for his political activism and the distinctive stenciling technique in his artwork. Banksy was born in Yate, Bristol in 1974, where the underground scene gave birth to Banksy’s satirical street art. While he remains anonymous, he has… Continue Reading

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