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Buy Art now, Pay later!

Buy Art now, Pay later!

Afterpay canvas prints AustraliaFilling your home with beautiful artwork just became a lot easier! 

At Blue Horizon Prints, our life’s work and passion has always been to help our customers grace their homes, workspaces and lives with the finest wall art, canvas prints, framed prints and canvas artworks from Australia and beyond. We appreciate that sometimes Life can be expensive and adding artwork to your walls is not always the number one priority financially, bills must be paid but with this new payment scheme allowing our customers to buy now, pay later we believe we solved this problem.

In helping us achieve this goal, our team has constantly invested time into trying to find more ways to help you enjoy art and access the best pieces with flexible payment options. So when the opportunity to partner with Afterpay.com opened up, we were more than delighted.

Buy Canvas Prints Now and Pay Later

Afterpay is an e-commerce platform that allows you to shop now, enjoy now and pay later. With a wide range of retailers in various categories ranging from jewelry to beauty, kids, women, hobbies, crafts & music, shoes, pets, home & entertainment and so much more to discover, Afterpay allows customers to buy items of their choice, take delivery of it and pay for it in four equal installments without interest.

The platform’s unique offering essentially allows customers to buy a variety of items and spread out payment at their convenience. It is motivated by an understanding that today’s shoppers are increasingly demanding more flexible payment options to purchase their favorite things. By providing an alternative to credit, Afterpay is delivering on a promise to grant its customers a shopping experience that delivers on freedom and flexibility. These core values resonate with our operations at Blue Horizon Prints and with our partnership with Afterpay, we can now boldly say that homeowners all across Australia now have the opportunity to buy art now, pay later by paying for their art in instalments.

Even more exciting is Afterpay’s track record of helping the biggest brands provide the best experience for their customers and their reputation for being incredibly easy to work with.  We are confident that our customers would embrace this new service, come to own it and take advantage of the opportunity to own art.

We are incredibly excited at what the future looks for us at Blue Horizon Prints with Afterpay on board as a strategic partner in progress.  With every signup, purchase and installment payment subsequently, we hope to see rooms light up in warmth with the finest wall art, canvas artwork, wall art, canvas artwork as we make buying Quality Online Art Australia a reality with customers being able to browse, select and purchase with just a click.

We invite you to step into a future filled with art and amazing possibilities!


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