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How to buy modern art for your home

Buying modern art is fun but not always easy because there are different styles to choose from together with individual pieces from artists that are following no style at all.

As with anything, if you are a complete novice when it comes to modern art you probably don’t know the different styles that are out there.  Take some time to visit local art galleries or art fairs that are displaying contemporary art so you get a feel for the different styles.  This can be quite eye opening because a painting that you might have really liked before, you might not like now just because you have seen a new range of styles.

This can also be really useful in developing your tastes for modern art, you might find a style that resonates with you and you think would fit well in your home.

Delaunay - Inspired by Sonia CanvasGo with what you like

If you want to continue to enjoy the art in your home over many years it is often a good idea not to be swayed by current trends in art.  Don’t choose a piece just because it’s trendy because in a few years when it’s no longer in fashion you might not like it any more.  Choose a piece of art because you really like it yourself.  This can often be quite personal, so remember this when you are looking at what’s out there.

There are different styles of modern art such as Conceptual Art, Cubism or Pop Art but also art that isn’t anything, it’s just inspiration from an artist that can’t be classified as anything.  If you are looking to build up a large collection you might want to section part of your collection by it’s style and type or you just might want to know what period your art is from so you are able to explain to people when they ask.

Modern art is abstract

The fact that modern art is abstract means that when you are choosing it for your home you often don’t have to be too fussy.  Modern art will fit in surprisingly well with many interior decor styles and can actually compliment even traditional styles.

Choose the right art for where it is going to go

If you have found a particularly striking piece that you think will fit in well with your home, think about how it will hang on your wall.  If you want the painting to have a visual impact make sure that it has space around it on the wall.  If a painting has space around it, it will seem more prominent and be more striking.

Is the space light or dark?

If you are placing the art on a dark wall a bright piece is often not the best type of painting.  Contrary to what you might think, the bright piece probably won’t lighten up an area it will just look out of place.  Whereas a dark painting won’t be shown off well if there is a lot of direct sunlight on it.  Before you buy the art, plan where it is going to go because some of the best art work won’t look good if it’s hung in the wrong place.

Use your imagination

Before you buy the art, imagine it in your home.  See it in on the wall you think it should be placed in your mind.  Imagine living with it, going past it every day and think of it being there in years to come.  This will enable you to feel what the art will be like in your home.  If you take time to do this and do it over a period of a few days you will get a clearer idea about whether you are going to like the painting or not.

This article was written by Clarendon who are a London based company that have significant experience in arranging the decor of serviced apartments.

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