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Artists use a number of styles to put down their thoughts on the canvas. Although an expert will quickly recognize the style of art used in a particular painting, it can be difficult to do so for a layman. Given below is an explanation of some of the common styles of painting, to help you learn about the various styles and identify them.

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  1. Abstract Art: Abstract art was born when artists felt that their drawings did not have to show things that could be identified. Abstract art does not show places, animals or humans in their exact form but uses a mix of colours and shapes to display emotions. Another form of abstract art is non-objective art, called so because it does not portray objects.
  1. Cubism: Cubism is a form of modern art where the painter makes use of geometric figures to display his thoughts and emotions. While early cubists painted in colours like gray and brown, artists in the 20th century started making use of more bright colours. Cubism eventually led to the creation of abstract style.
  2. Expressionism: An expressionist, through his art, expresses his feelings about something. Expressionism is basically about conveying feelings than about painting people or places.
  3. Impressionism: Developed in 19th century France, impressionism is a style of painting that generally depicts outdoor scenes but without much detail. It is like someone just had a glance and painted the subject.
  4. Pop Art: Short form for popular art, it depicts common objects, but in a slapdash way. Some of the famous pop artists include Andy Warhol, David Hockney and Claes Oldenberg.
  5. Primitive Art: Primitive art, as the name suggests, is very simple and old-fashioned where the subject is mostly two-dimensional. This style of art seems to be like a painting done by a child.
  6. Realism: Realism is a style of art that depicts objects exactly as they are in real life. The art form developed in the 18th century and attained its peak in the mid 19th century.
  7. Surrealism: Contrary to realism, surrealism depicts something that in not real. These type of paintings were usually based on dreams and stuffed with well-known objects made to look mystifying and bizarre. The artist, through his painting, wished to stir up people feelings and make them look at things in a different manner.

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