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Have you noticed that companies get more creative nowadays? There is an increasing number of very cool marketing campaigns. Guerilla Marketing became a big thing and lots of companies make use of it. They create an incredible sign design in order to catch attention to their brand and give people something cool they associate the brand with.

But where does this trend come from?street art, graffiti on canvas

I think marketeers are significantly inspired by street art. Street art can be many things. A cool sign design, graffiti, a chalk drawing or Banksy graffiti, you name it. As long as it appears at a public space it is street art.

Artists have a hard time publishing their work and make it available for a large audience to see. For that reason they show their sign design at different public places in order to be seen by as many people as possible.

They not always just do it for their own promotion. Often they just want to make people happy or just make the life a bit better and make the streets more beautiful.

Sometimes they create a sign design to make societies think and be socio-critical.


In the following section I would like to show some examples of different sign designs.

The first sign design you can see was found in the Netherlands. It looks like there is a huge hole in the ground with a really deep abyss.

People who pass it need to look twice to see if it’s real or not because it looks so incredibly real.

This one is a typical sign design that just provides some fun and gives people a good time.

The second sign design is very different. It does not look very good. It seems like it is a normal statutory sign but the message on it make people think.

It says “Put the politicians on minimum wage and watch how fast things change”. This is a typical example of a socio-critic sign design.

Although these two signs are completely different they are very interesting. They have in common that people not just walk by it. They might hold on a few seconds or even longer to have a second look. And hopefully it brings some value to their everyday life.

That would not just make them a bit happier but also the street artist who created it.

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