Blue Horizon Prints: Star Wars Art

Blue Horizon Prints: Star Wars Art

For generation after generation Star Wars and the subsequent movies have been a favourite movie, personally I’m 36 years old and the first movie i ever saw in the cinema was the Return if the Jedi, the magic of this experience will stay with me for ever. This popularity is reflected in art, our Star Wars Art pieces are always popular throughout many generations.

Here at Blue Horizon Prints we offer a great variety of different styles and types of Star Wars Art, we have 6 Star Wars Art pop art pieces featuring Darth Vader and Storm Troopers, many of these work so well because of the bold black and white colour scheme.  These Star Wars character art works are extremely popular.

The second place to find the Star Wars art is in our massive vintage poster collection, we have over 120 prints of the original vintage movie posters, our Star wars movie poster collection consists of 4 vintage posters for ‘A New Hope‘, 3 for ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ movie poster, one Return of the Jedi poster and then one of each of the second round of Star Wars movies, Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones.

If you look closely you’ll also see 3 Star Wars quotes, motivational posters featuring great Star Wars wisdom! These Star Wars motivational posters are great, funny alternatives to the Motivational Posters often seen in offices. They would be bound to make any guy happy! The Yoda wisdom canvas is our favourite…

We also offer the Banksy Print, ‘I am your father’, showing an At-At walker, the mechanised vehicles seen in both the Return of the Jedi and Empire Strikes Back. Banksy is a famous UK street artist, well known for his statement making graffiti, seen on walls all around the world.

To make life easier for our customers we have decided to specialise in Star Wars Art and amalgamate all of our Star Wars art into one category…. this category displays all of our Star Wars Art on one page.

We also will happily create Star Wars Art for our customers, if you have seen an artwork you like somewhere else we can custom make a similar version for you if you provide the details