Should You Put Pictures On Every Wall In Your Home?

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Having pictures on your wall can show off your taste in art and also be a good tribute to family and friends that matter to you the most. While you’re welcome to have as many pictures as you want, there is a tasteful method to posting up pictures. Here’s how to put pictures in a way that doesn’t feel like you’re cluttering up your walls.

Decide on Decor Features

Remember, pictures should complement the walls. It shouldn’t take away from the aura of your home. If you’re thinking of using a picture hanging system, let it be something that’ll add some depth to the wall.

Here are a few things that pictures can help bring to your house:

  • Intricate design elements
  • Help bring out a formal or casual profile in the room
  • Adds a dynamic setting to a lifeless wall
  • Set a theme for the home such as a beach theme using ocean art

Working With Furnishings

The right picture and furnish go hand-in-hand. If done right, it should look like both pieces were meant to be there in the first place. Furniture can give a natural break in the wall and help the room breathe a bit.

It’ll provide a nice foreground to add a picture to an empty wall. If you have a big lamp against the wall, that’s good enough. You don’t need a picture because the lamp fills the void.

Maybe you have a reading corner with a side table. A nice picture over top would be perfect and set a relaxing mood for that area.

Windows and Door Walls

This is where things get a bit interesting as far as picture placement. Let’s say you have two windows with some nice space in between them. Depending on how much space is there and the length of the window, you can put 2 to 3 pictures right in the middle. Triptych canvas print sets work really well in spaces like this.

If you have wall space above the door of a room with a vaulted ceiling, don’t be afraid to bring out that oversized masterpiece you’ve been saving for a nice, empty area. Style is also key when it comes to placing things together.

On one hand, you like the symmetrical feel with a balance, which is perfect for stacking neatly in a row. However, in some rooms (like an entertainment or fun room), you can get away with a random photo hanging system for an eccentric pattern, however it still best to maintain a theme or concept such as using movie posters in your theatre room.