Should the art suit the room or the room suit the art?

There are so many things you can bring to a room to upgrade and give it a fresh feel. Some decide to bring in a new piece of furniture, some throw pillows and perhaps even a new lamp. But most rooms seem to transform into entirely new spaces when someone brings in a great new piece of wall art. Blue Horizon Prints has some of the best canvas prints Melbourne has to offer. And with so many art styles to choose from (movie art, pop art, classic art, and music art just to mention a few) you’re sure to find the perfect piece of high quality canvas art to make a statement about your personal sense of style and virtually change your room in an instant.

On the flip side, however, it can be said that a piece of art can become such the focal point of a room that it might be necessary to change everything around it. Such is the case with some of our iconic pop art or with the bright vivid colours of contemporary and modern art. Many like to completely arrange their entire rooms around the pieces of art collections they have. For instance, movie rooms can be created around our collection of movie art, or music rooms created around our vintage music poster art. Whatever your style, we’re sure to have something that suits your taste.

All of Blue Horizon’s prints are printed on high quality cotton canvas and coated with laminate that protects the print from discolouration or fading. You’ll be ensured that your print looks great for years on end. There are also so many different sizes and styles to choose from. You can select from landscape, portrait, panoramic among many more. You can customise your canvas art piece in any way you want. And if you have any ideas of your own, or have any photography you’d like to submit to print on canvas art, check out our customisation options and let us help design the work of art that is perfect for your personal space.

Whatever direction you go in terms of decorating styles, and however you feel about how the room is affected by art or vice versa, know that pieces from Blue Horizon Prints is the best  art on canvas prints Melbourne can bring. Take advantage of Blue Horizon Print’s free shipping to anywhere in Australia and the United Kingdom. Blue Horizon’s quality of canvas prints are beyond compare. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.