Sand Sketching Goes Viral

Sand Sketching Goes Viral

Chloe Dickey’s sand sketches are anything but typical, and people are taking notice

They’re big, they’re intricate, and like nothing you’ve seen before. But if you want to catch a glimpse of them, you’d better hurry! Artist Chloe Dickey’s magnificent sand art has become a big hit in New South Wales. And would you believe she just started last May.

Chloe Dickey first discovered her gift with sand last May when she saw a story online about sand sketching. The young artist thought that perhaps her sketches would translate nicely onto the beach. “I got a rake one month later. I got it at Bunnings and it only cost me about $20” she told the Daily Mail.

Although the thought of sand sketching typically conjures up images of etched dolphins or beautiful landscape scenes, Dickey’s works bring about a new look. Her sand sketches consist of swirls, shapes and patterns, put seamlessly together to make a magnificent finished product. As seen in multiple online videos taken showing her working, Dickey seems to continue with the sketch in her mind as she works in well-planned out designs. She often shares her sketches beforehand on her Facebook page, so watch this space. After beginning to post pictures of her art on her new Facebook page last year, Dickey has already received numerous requests from couples wanting a sketch for their beach wedding ceremony and has worked with P & O cruises to launch the names of their 2 new ships with some beautiful ornate sand art on Bondi Beach.

Chloe Dickey

Perhaps the most noticeably special thing about Chloe’s sand sketches is that she makes them in low tide – meaning it doesn’t take too long for the waves to sweep in and erase them completely. “but” the artist explains, “it makes it more special that it’s a temporary thing.” The fact that she can only create these artworks at certain times of the year helps to make there beauty more meaningful.

Although ‘drawing in the sand’ may sound like most people’s dream careers, Chloe explains that it is very physically demanding on such a large scale. “It can be physically demanding after about an hour or so my back gets sore” she explains. If you’ve ever spent an afternoon raking your yard, you can probably imagine the muscle aches that would start to come from raking hefty sand too. As a full-time exercise physiologist by day though, she is in good enough physical shape to be able to pull off the sketches on her own.

Although she has a full-time job, Dickey tries her best to squeeze in her artistic pursuits in the early mornings. Typically, since she prefers low tide, that means sunrise on the beach at 6 a.m. – now that’s dedication! But with people waiting to see where she will be sketching next, as well as requests pouring in for appearances, it’s no wonder she continues to fill coastlines with her designs.

Chloe’s designs have also been recently featured on the cover of Discover magazine; have been used in a (successful) proposal, and even as a special tribute to a special young girl struggling with cancer.

With her Facebook page now at over 1,400 likes and growing every day, it seems that Dickey won’t be stopping her new hobby anytime soon. Good news for her newest fans, followers, and all of us who get to experience her beautiful designs every week.

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