Where to Put Canvas Prints in a Home

Where to Put Canvas Prints in a Home

These days people are always looking for something that they can spice up their home with. One of the best ways is to add a beautiful new piece of art printed on canvas. Homeowners that have gotten tired of constantly changing around the furniture or installing new cabinets may find what they have been looking for in an art print.

Once someone decides that they are ready to purchase a new piece of art printed on canvas, the next step is to figure out where to put it. This step is a lot easier when there is an interior decorator involved, but for those who don’t have one on the payroll, it helps to have a little guidance with where the best place is to install a new painting.

No matter where a canvas print goes in a home, there are a few things everyone is going to want to remember. The first is to center the painting over whatever it’s hanging over, whether that be a couch, a TV stand, or a fireplace. It’s also important to coordinate the colors of the print with the other colors of the room and be sure that they don’t conflict. It’s okay to have more than one color in a room, but be sure to color scheme and ask for help if there is confusion about whether the colors in a certain room go together well.



The Best Places for Canvas Prints in the Home


Above the Couch in the Living Room

One of the most popular places for hanging any sort of painting in a home is above the couch in the living room. This is a common gathering point within a home, and people are going to be spending a lot of time in this space. Those that are purchasing their first painting for their new home would do well to place it here, as it is generally a central location in any home. Can’t go wrong with placing a new painting here.

Over the Fireplace

Another popular room for putting a painting in a house is above the fireplace. Whether the fireplace is in the den or the living room, this is a perfect place for a big photo or painting. Whether someone prefers Classical art, pieces from the Renaissance, or modern artists, most art will work well above a fireplace. It’s also a space that is generally empty without a painting above it, making it one of the prime spots for a canvas painting.

The Entryway

Not everyone has this in their home, but those that do will want to consider putting their canvas prints somewhere in the entryway. The entryway is the first impression of a home that people get. Make sure that it looks great by filling it with someone that is going to get the guests’ attention.

The Master Bedroom

Another great place to put art is in the master bedroom. Those that have a house with a lot of space may have a bedroom that feels a bit empty compared with the rest of the home. That’s when it’s a good idea to purchase a beautiful piece of art and have it printed on canvas. Those that have a master bedroom in their home ought to place a painting there that is special and meaningful to them personally.

The TV Room

One room that has more flexibility when it comes to what can be hung up on the walls is the TV room. Some people may call this the “game room” or “movie room,” but it’s all the same room. This is the room where one can put a canvas print that’s a little more edgy, like something from Andy Warhol. There are a lot of photos and paintings that can go just about anywhere in the home, but pop culture pieces with vibrant colors may do best in the movie room where they don’t make decorating the rest of the room more complicated.

Wall of The Kitchen

Another area where canvas prints are seen hanging is in the kitchen. While some kitchens don’t have a whole of extra space since the cabinets take up most of the room, others have room on an empty wall where a canvas print could really tie the whole room together. What better way to make a kitchen more lively? Do yourself a favor and get a canvas print up somewhere in the kitchen, preferably in a location that

Finding the right piece of art to decorate a home isn’t always easy. The good news is that it can be fun and doesn’t have to be a drag. The best place in Australia to find canvas prints is Blue Horizon Prints. They also ship free to the United Kingdom, and those that spend $1000 get 20% off. Fill up some of the empty spaces of your home with canvas prints from Blue Horizon today!



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